Another Random Though

I am sure apologizing won’t really make up for me been going missing on this blog.The reason is simple – Time Management. I simply don’t understand how people manage time and post daily. Honestly, I have a lot of time when I reach home, but I am tired and I lay down with my phone... Continue Reading →

7 Things to Avoid During Night Shift

I have been a master of doing ‘Night Shifts’ and by all the power vested in me by the Universe, I can comment on this topic very well, I hope. Note: All the points said in this post are from my personal experience. Try at your own risk. Over eating: Believe me on this one.... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Moving On

A lot of people in this world will tell you not to cry over broken hearts and to move on. When they say so, we wonder this person who is asking me to move on is literally mocking me or doesn’t know anything about love. This person is a friend, relative, extended family, immediate family... Continue Reading →

‘That day’ of the Month!

There are times in life when you just want to be alone. An empty house lightens up your entire mood. You won’t party but would sit with a good movie or book and eat carbs and would love to lie down in an air-conditioned room. These days are usually the second day of periods kind... Continue Reading →

New Life Update

30 days of everyday writing experience is always a feel good factor. Now that April is over, my lazy blogger trait will sneak in and force me to rest a little longer than usual because there is no deadline. Anyway, hello all! It’s been too long since I posted a life update post. By now... Continue Reading →

Zone #AtoZChallenge Day 26

Day 26 | Letter: Z Finally it is the Day 26 of A to Z Challenge and I have survived this one too. Should I be proud of myself? Anyway, today’s post is a simple post on ‘Zones’. We all have the zones that we go to. The friend zone, the comfort zone, the thinking... Continue Reading →

Yet again #AtoZChallenge Day 25 

Okay! I am late and this is not a regular post.. But i was really busy to even sit down in front of my laptop and write, so I decided to write on my phone and upload a post for day 25... I can't lose it in the last two days.  This one's a rant... Continue Reading →

X’s with Zero Qualities #AtoZChallenge Day 24

Day 24 | Letter: X Remember the game we played in school ‘X and Zero’? This post is nothing about it. X’s here mean people who we have dated, loved and given up our life for and zeroes mean the zero expectation we should keep from the next. I was the kind of girl who... Continue Reading →

WhatsApp Generation #AtoZChallenge Day 23

Day 23 | Letter: W In the social media generation today, WhatsApp is an essential. Being a day without WhatsApp means a person is trying to cut his connection with the world. We have come to such an era where proposals, break-up, good news, bad news and every other piece of information is shared through... Continue Reading →

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