My Valentine’s Day

I don’t remember the last time I celebrated Valentine’s Day like normal people. For me Valentine’s Day is just another day of the year.

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Why Would I Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Ashmita?

As you all must have figured out by now, I am not a very social person. I am a loner with only 2 family members and 1 Best friend. That’s my life. I have celebrated ‘Valentine’s Day’ on my own for the most of my lifetime and it has been pretty much a normal day.

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What not to do as Wedding Guests?

Dear Wedding Guests,

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Merger: Chaoticsoulzzz + The Runaway Writer

I decided to merge The Runaway Writer and ChaoticSoulzzz as I realized a lot of my readers on ChaoticSoulzzz missed out the wonders of The Runaway Writer.
Now, all you have to do is finding on the top ‘Menu’ bar the tab for The Runaway Writer and start reading all the chapters one by one.


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Chapter 25 |  Soul Mate and Chai

Maya was shocked and delighted to see Shyama. Not her twin sister but her soul mate. Shyama and Maya were best friends for years, but time took them apart. At the lobby, Shyama was standing with her luggage wearing a black shirt and jeans and an army patched jacket. Maya and Shyama hugged each other and the first thing Maya said, “I love the animal print flats you’re wearing.” Shyama smiled and said, “I missed you too.” They both smiled and Shyama looked at Shiv with a smirk and said, “Oh you’re here, too!” Shiv smiled and gave her a half hug and said, “Yes I am very much here; and so is your ‘better-half’” Shyama looked at Maya and said, “Yes, she is indeed, after four years of separation, finally we meet – Thanks to my complete useless ‘Ex’.” Shiv asked Shyama, “We’re going to have some Desi Chai. Do you want to join us?” Shyama looked at her bags, looked at Maya and said, “Give me two minutes” And walked towards the front desk.
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A Different Perspective To The Truth and Lie Game – I

Since childhood, it was taught to me ‘Lying is a Vice’. One should never lie, isn’t this something that sounds familiar? I am sure it does and a lot of us have been trying hard to follow this since then. There are also a few like me, who make up stories instantly, which is compared to swift lying. All that being said – how many times a day do you have to lie? Not because you WANT to, but because you HAVE to.

Have you answered the above question?

No? Well, here comes Chaotic Soul to help you count the number of time you had to lie because people unknowingly or knowingly wanted you to lie.

You get up in the morning, tired and exhausted because you saw a scary dream, but you also know, if you say the same to your mother, she might blame everything to your mobile phone addiction. As we all know, every problems in our life is due to mobile phone (read with sarcasm). So you get up feeling exhausted but fake a smile so that no one asks you, “What happened? Didn’t sleep well?” Lie Number 1

This is just the beginning. In every aspect of our day, we have to lie.

You forgot to send a good morning text to your girl friend because you feel it is ‘Lame’ to wish good morning every day, so when she is angry with you, you just say, “I was stuck up in the meeting since I entered office, baby.” Lie Number 2.

A promotion is due and you need to show that you are the most deserving. So you decide to skip lunch. Not that you are not hungry, but you want to show your boss, how you don’t care about lunch. So when he asks you why you didn’t take lunch break, you say, “Oh my god sir, I completely forgot it is time for lunch.” You obviously were fantasizing about Chicken Noodles in the cafeteria. Lie Number 3

These were the few of so many lies that we have to say, to impress people, to keep people happy and to stay out of unnecessary arguments in life. Are these ‘lies’, making you a bad person? NO!!!

In fact, wonder what would happen if you tell the truth.

In the first situation if you told the truth to your family, “I saw a scary dream.” The next reply would be, “Stay all night on the phone. The rays from the phone generate the bad dreams.” The day started for you with truth but it turned out to be pretty ugly.

In the second situation you might be just dumped when you say that you don’t like sending ‘Lame’ Good Morning texts. And if not dumped then at least an hour of blabbering and crying and drama. (I have done it, myself). IF told the truth, your relationship would’ve been on the grounds of truth. 

In the third one, you would’ve rather gone for lunch and eaten the Chicken noodles and the guy sitting next to you would’ve ‘Lied’ and skipped lunch. Well, you might have got a new manager but at least you said the truth.

If you say the truth, people around you are unhappy. If you say a lie, your soul is usually unhappy.

I wanted to say ‘The decision is yours’ but that would’ve been the lie. The decision is the society’s. If they want a truthful soul or a person who can make them happy.

This topic is to be continued with a new perspective, next week. Umm a Part-2, maybe!

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A To Z April Challenge: Big Announcement on it’s way!

While checking on the A to Z April challenge updates this afternoon, I read that there’s going to be a big announcement on February, 6th 2017. Now, that’s exciting, isn’t it?
I’m going to participate this year too, what about you?
Also read the updates on a to Z challenger Here.
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