4 Mean Things said by my Mom

A mother and daughter relationship is indeed a very special one. As a kid, my mother loved dressing me up and clicking my pictures. Now that I'm all grown up, we have a very different relationship. I am her best friend. She loves talking to me and so do I. She is my gossip partner... Continue Reading →


Trip to Shirdi

Shirdi, the shrine of Sai Baba has always been closest to me. As a kid my dad used to take us to shirdi, once, every month. I always believed that Shirdi is my second home. My daddy was a great follower of Sai Baba and when my daddy left us, I stopped going to Shirdi,... Continue Reading →

Cheating on Chai with Nescafe Latte

All the people who know me know that I am a ‘Chai’ person more than a coffee person. I feel like a cheater when I enjoy a good cup of coffee. It’s like I am betraying chai, it is worse than cheating on your lover. In the beginning of October, 2017; my brother introduced me... Continue Reading →

3 Alarming Signs that you are in Stress

What do I do, that is so stressful, you might wonder? I work for a BPO. I am an E-mail associate and I love the work I do. The stress I get is from the company I work for and the management. I am sure most of you can relate to this. All of us... Continue Reading →

5 ways to become a Better Person

We all strive to be a better version of ourselves. Let that be personally or professionally. We all want the world to appreciate us for who we are and what we have achieved in our life. Many will say that they don’t need any approval from others in order to feel better for themselves. Agreed,... Continue Reading →

Confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai

I am very proud of my heritage. This post is a personal confession of a Bengali girl (that’s me) who is not from West Bengal. It shouldn’t and will not relate to every other person. Being a Bengali is a proud thing. Every person is proud of their roots and their culture. When it comes... Continue Reading →

10 things you probably don’t know about me

I blog about my personal life, as if no one is reading them. I am well aware that a huge chunk of you already know about my love life (non-existent), family life (too existent) and the fact that I have a super small circle of friend (note down the singular used here, it isn’t a... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a happy new year and make sure it's an awesome one. I don't like making resolutions, as I suck at it, but I am trying to turn my life over from now on. What is it that you're up to? Keep Reading! Keep Writing! Love Thyself!

Random Work Rant

It ain't easy to be a BPO employee. All those who think that BPO employee do NOTHING, please take my job for a day and you'll realize all the pain we go through. The pain of giving customer service The pain of keeping the Quality team happy. The pain of listening to the Management and... Continue Reading →

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