Is it the job or the company?

It isn't safe to be without a job. It isn't safe to be in a job that brings out the worse in you. If a person is finding themselves in the middle of these two statements, then you'll are the one who will understand me and this post. I am a full time email support... Continue Reading →


The Corporate Tragedy

“I am fine!” she said when all of them asked her about the incident that happened at work. Maya wasn’t fine, not a dime! The Deputy Manager at work was picking on her for irrational reasons and making her life a living hell. She needed the job and she was scared, not because work was... Continue Reading →

Should we judge those who make up stories?

“Making up stories”, is something that is been looked at as a wrong deed. If a guy makes up stories, that doesn’t hurt a being but makes them feel good is that really a bad thing? In a group of friends, we do have one or two of such people who will make up stories... Continue Reading →

Am I a character in someone’s story?

There are times when I have this feeling, that I am a part of someone's story who dislikes my character so much, that they have decided not to give me any happy days. What if I am living in someone's story? What if a struggling writer is just making up characters and just not ending... Continue Reading →

Another Day

Getting up every morning and following the exact same routine can get onto your head. Every morning, I have this feeling of emptiness in me that prolongs till I come back home. Honestly, even after coming back home from work, the emptiness stays. Lately, I haven't been spending a lot of time talking to my... Continue Reading →

The break-up reality!

I am sure a lot of my readers have noticed that I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis. Give me a death sentence! No like seriously! I have been cheating on blogging with sleeping. This is not the first time that I have mentioned it on my blog that I have a hectic travelling... Continue Reading →

Sick Day!

Sick days have always been my favorites. None of my supervisors, never dared to ask me how sick I am, because it was always stomach upset. Last week, when I was genuinely sick, I realised, how terrible and gloomy it is to be sick. 2 weeks of no work, no going out, no taste in... Continue Reading →

String of Random Words

Grief! Sorrow! Misery! Words like these are underrated to explain a mother’s pain that has lost her kid. A mother who loses her child is going through a lot of pain that cannot be explained to anyone. If anyone could understand her sorrow, it would be her inner self. A mother nurtures the kid when... Continue Reading →

Life and Death

The more simpler it looks, the more difficult it is. Life is something we take for granted. Do we know how long are we here, alive? Some incidents in life make us question our existence. Some incidents in life make us wonder, "What if this is it?" Life is too small to whine. Life is... Continue Reading →

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