Rantings: Work! Work! Work!

Whoa! I’m here not with a Girl-O-Pedia Post. But I am here with a Rant! I’m being very clear that this post is all about my personal rant and if you’re not in the mood for that, please ‘Click’ on the ‘Close’ Button, right away.
Stress gets onto you when people take a professional thing, personally. Also, when they let the personal problems affect their professional life. We aren’t robots; we are human beings with FEELINGS. We all feel bad and happy and victorious and other things. Even though we all want to stay positive at work, we can only stay positive when the environment is positive.
I am a positive person, most of the time and believe in Law of Attraction, tremendously. When in a negative environment, I tend to get affected for some time and then I become my normal being. But the duration while I am affected, I am the ‘Bad Guy’, not on purpose, though.
At the moment, I am in a room of five people. All of us are not on the same page, we all have differences and we all ‘almost hate each other’. Why? No one knows!
Even if I want to sit and try to figure out the Root Cause Analysis of the whole situation, I can’t. Everyone comes from a different state of mind. But I expect that if I keep my personal issues outside the office doors, so should everyone else. This isn’t too much to ask for, is it?
My work place lacks two things – Unity and My BFF Shrabani! If we have these two things, this place will be survivable for me! I am the cry baby but I can’t see other girls crying for a benefit. I can cry when I am low. I can’t cry when I want people to feel I am LOW.
Anyway, there are petty things on which maximum people (including me) fight at work. These are the issues that shouldn’t have arrived at the first place.
I think I need to be the Quiet Ashmita, so that people don’t take my bubbly nature for a ride.
Adios Amigo!!! 

Friendship Day: Good Ol’ Memories


Today is Friendship’s day. I am not the person who would actually celebrate this day with 100 of people. I am a one friend only, kind of friend. I have just one friend, best friend, soul mate, partner in crime (Call me a bore). On this day, while I am sitting in my empty apartment, I can think of the good old college days. This was around 10 years ago! Sh*t! I am old! Continue reading

Girl-O-Pedia: Replying to Texts


After the patch up from a fight with your boyfriend, a girl does decide, “I will not reply to his text for 4 hours”. However, we fail every time. For us girls, texting is a big deal. There are multiple reasons for a girl to get angry, when a guy she loves doesn’t revert to her texts.

Basic Reasons:-

  1. As it is you guys won’t type paragraphs and would reply in one word or two words, so how much time does it takes to reply to those texts from her?
  2. She has planned the date, done the booking, and informed you about the details and all she is asking for are ONE EFFING CONFIRMATION.
  3. You were the one who started texting her when you’ll started dating and texted non-stop with no sleep in eyes, but now replying an ‘Okay’ seems a lot!?! Vague!

We, as in girls, consider texts as no calling mode. So when you say, you can’t talk, you never cleared that Texting is talking.

What irritates us more?

  • You have all the time to text to your guy friends asking if the football night is still on, but when it comes to the girlfriend, it is HARDWORK to reply to a simple text. I understand that we girls never stop at one text, but we also understand if it is a boy’s night out! If we are still questioning you on your Boy’s night out, it is because, the trust factor is a little low! In order to not get any texts on such occasions, you have to build the trust strongly.
  • During Sexting, texts never seem to be too much for guys! Isn’t it weird – the same girl and the same amount of texts but the response changes?
  • Four hours to reply to one text. How difficult can it get to reply “Hi” to a simple “Hi”? And what’s the use of replying, “I am sorry baby”, when you really aren’t sorry.
  • You have the time to sext her and immediately after the sexts over, you fall asleep? How’s that even possible? It is a little suspicious when you aren’t replying to a: “Baby when you are planning to sleep?” Or “How was your day, today?” but are available to reply to a: “Here’s what I am wearing now.”
  • You are online, I can see. You are not replying for one minute – acceptable; two minutes – understandable; five minutes – considerable; but one hour and you’re still online! What have you slept with your WhatsApp On???

Women are complicated for men, I understand that. But texting was invented by a man – Friedhelm Hillebrand and it is very easy to use the messaging system. It isn’t a task to talk to your girlfriend via messaging, especially when she is going through a rough day. She is not expecting to meet you and talk to you in person for hours, but she expects timely responses on the text message.

A humble request to all the boyfriends and husbands reading this – Please reply on time!

A request to all the ladies out there – please understand that men are not good with words. Pun intended.

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Girl-O-Pedia: Girl Love


I don’t understand why we girls can’t be like boys. If you notice, men have a different and much stronger bonding with their buddies; however, we women tend to fight like cats. We lack Girl Love a lot in our day to day life.

Continue reading

Girl-o-pedia: Dream Man Expectation


I will be writing a few posts in this new segment called Girl-o-pedia. In this series, I will be mentioning the deep dark secrets of a girl’s mind and how we think, our perception on the smallest of thing. This could vary from girls to girls, however will give the guys a brief idea of what are the expectations we have in a few situations. Continue reading

3 Ways to be Productive during Downtime

thoughtful thursday

I am not sure what routine am I following with the blogging thing- however; I know I am late; in fact I have missed a lot of the days. Anyway, every time you read a post from me, it means there was a downtime at work and I utilized that time to write a post and then publish it when the internet was back. (Has anyone just rolled their eyes?) Well, I would’ve, if I were you. But it is true! I am utilizing every single time at work for writing more and more posts. For the people who don’t believe me; should note that my posts are inclined towards the work life types of posts.

Here are 3 ways to be productive at work:

  1. Solve puzzles:

I have seen people at my work and train carrying newspapers and magazines. Initially, I thought it is because they want to read the BIG Finance news and keep upgrading their knowledge. Eventually, I realized that all the newspapers and magazines have these really cool puzzles, crosswords etc. And these are really helpful when there’s a downtime at work. These wont only let you pass some time but also useful for enhancing your communication and vocabulary.

  1. Collation/SOP:

There are times when the downtime lets you be seated at your workstation. Do you see a promotion coming up real soon? Well, this is your time to create something no one has ever in your process. Maybe you are working in a startup firm and the company needs you to set up things. This is the time you can collate the quality data or productivity sheets for the entire team. Even better, if you create a SOP for the entire team.

  1. Hobbies/Personal Task:

Blogging is my hobby and I try to write as much as possible when I have a downtime at work. This saves time, as I don’t have to go back home and sit in front of the laptop and writes a blog; rather I can pick up a topic from the situation at work and write on it instantly. Due to work, travel and household chores there are a lot of personal work like Bank things that are usually ignored. We can complete those tasks during downtime (Only if your company allows it!!!).

I don’t know if these would work for you, but for me these absolutely work during downtime at work. Also, I would like to apologize as I am not following a routine and also little irregular with the blogging part; however, I am utilizing every downtime I get at work to write something that makes sense. If at all, you find a very inappropriate and irrelevant post on my blog, please try to understand that – I didn’t get time or I was too stressed out with work.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Love Thyself!

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3 Things To Do While Sad At Work

sizzling saturday

Office politics can actually take over you and your positive mindset for a toss. There are times when the office politics will get so much to you that you’d not only feel bad about it but also become sad. Such mood swing is not only unhealthy for the work environment but also for your own mental health.

I am no expert in getting rid of the office mood swings, but I have experienced this in the past few weeks and now have some sure shot remedy to it. I am not sure if these would work for all of you, but yes it worked very well for me. Continue reading