I-G-N-O-R-A-N-C-E: is what most of us hate!!!

Heart Broken Without Cause


If a person is busy simply say it… saying that they are not busy and then not replying is not something that a gentleman does… what really irritates me is the behavior change of a person without any prior notice…

A gentleman is the one who would frankly say, “Yes dear I am busy at the moment. I will certainly talk to you when I am free.” Well it’s difficult to find such a guy… I had found such a guy once but lost him maybe I didn’t… well some things are better not bought up again… some past is good as past…

The blog is not about me but about a person… if HE really doesn’t want to talk to me HE could have simply told me that, ‘I am not in a mood to answer to your kid-dish questions” or something similar… not replying is not the solution, is it???  Indeed it is just IGNORANCE!!! And I hate IGNORANCE…

I don’t mind a guy being straight forward with me but avoiding me by not replying is NO GOOD… because end of the day I would have ill feelings about HIM… but I guess its me who has to grow up… and stop expecting a lot from PEOPLE…

As it is I have changed in the past one year so its not going to be difficult for me to change again… the problem in me is that if I start ignoring then that’s WORST… and I don’t like being at my WORST… I am seriously good when I am good…

Well I am not expecting anything from any one from now on… but just a small humble request that please say what it is instead of going all numb…

I know this one’s a small one… but it’s just out of frustration… I am sorry if anyone feels bad after reading this blog but it had to come out someway or the other… n its good that it came out in the form of blog because if it came out in personal then I would have been in complete MUTE mode… with no calls, no texts, no speaking in personal, no eye contacts… and this is a hundred times better than that…

Keep Blogging!!! Keep Reading!!! Stop IGNORING!!!




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