Respect HER!!!

A woman can be as cool as ice can be as blazing as blaze as well… I really get irritated when people take a female for a toss… as we say that Durga turns to Kali when the limit is crossed and her anger is horrendous…

Handling Durga is quite easy than handling Kaali… when a woman has to suffer and she has no support than don’t expect her to be sweet as always…

When men cross their limits and can say all the non-sense to a girl why do they expect us to be lovable and restrained and just tolerate whatever they say or do???

Some men, today think that just because a family doesn’t have a grown up man in the family means that the family is feeble… a family begins with a female, this is something that most of the men forget… thinking that Men are the Head of the family is something I don’t believe in…

At the age when I needed a father to take care of me when boys used to eve-tease me my mom was there…. She has earned and worked day and night to keep me and my brother happy… we have never felt the absence of our father… well talking about ME, I have never missed my father… he left me when I was 14, the age I most needed him… my mom took over the entire family… she has fought to every single bit… she has lived a life of dignity…

She has raised two children with utmost self-respect and sincerity… me ebing the daughter of my mom have always believed in whatever she said… for me the most important thing is nothing but my self-esteem… I know how important can self-respect be… I have lived my entire life looking up to my mom… she has always been my inspiration…

I proudly say that my mom is the Head of my family and she is my Father… and I also know that I am the son of my family… not that I have anything against men but its just that some men are getting on my nerves at the moment… its more annoying when these men are a part of your Family…

I want all the women reading this blog today to stand for their self-respect… love yourself, respect yourself, because if you don’t love and respect yourself no one will…

My grand salute to all the single mom, daughters who had no other option but to be the son of the family and to all the womanhood… and a special message to all the men who think they are greater than a woman or usually misbehave with a woman: “if we can smile and cry for you, it wouldn’t take longer for us to abuse you and hit you hard!!!”

This might be hard for some people to digest but it’s a fact that I wouldn’t want to keep relation with any such men in my family or my relatives who cannot behave properly and respect woman…

Don’t consider woman as your sex toy or a show-piece in your house but respect her because remember at the end of the day its Durga and Kaali and Saraswati and Laxmi… when our Gods can respect woamnhood then why can’t the men of today…

Stop insulting women… respect each and everyone of them….

Mom if you are reading this blog: “I love you and respect you even more… you’ve been my father and I would proudly like to announce my name as ASHMITA TRIPTI CHATTERJEE instead of ASHMITA ASHIM CHATTERJEE… don’t worry about anything because no matter what ma, your daughter is always there with you and for you… I will never leave you no matter what… Ma you are my inspiration you are my strength and nothing more in my life is as important as you… don’t consider any comments of any person as important, remember its only you, me and Alok end of the day… I love you and respect you….”


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