I Am Beautiful

I may not have the perfect figure or the fairest skin. I do not have my head filled with black luscious hair. Neither do I have smooth skin that resembles butter.  I do not have the smile that hurts my jaw and my teeth are not perfect too. I am not the girl from the magazine or one of the Disney Princess.

Do I need to feel low for being fat or colored or NORMAL?

I am beautiful. I am beautiful in my own ways. I have a full body. I have a height that can pass through any hurdle. I have hair that is scant but wavy enough to make it look full. I have eyebrows that are to die for. I don’t need Photoshop to look pretty or be like a Disney character to get a Prince Charming.

Apart from all of the external beauty that I have, I am beautiful internally. I love people, I care for everyone, and I make sure my dreams are fulfilled. I am smart, well-read and certainly well-spoken.

Apart from all the intellectual beauty of mine, I also have the ability to be humble and hustle a lot. I take care of myself and make sure my friends and family are always happy. 

I am ME.

If all these things do not make me beautiful – I don’t know what will!

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Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love Thyself!!!

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