Love-story 1

Well the past isn’t a love story, it is just that I have ‘Daddy Issues’. After my dad left us I was taken aback and hated the male race.

I joined the classes a week after it started and from day one I heard just one name. Let’s call him, ‘K’. Every teacher kept asking hasn’t K Come in today and the boys kept saying no and the girls blushed.

I being the introvert kind, did not really ask anyone who is K, but I was so intrigued. After two weeks in the classes, I started smiling at people and teachers and then one day the door opens in the middle of quadratic equations – there he was.

Smile that brightened the whole class, literally. Everyone in the room started smiling or laughing just by looking at him. He then took the seat behind me and said, “Hi, I’m K and you’re new?” I smiled and gave him my name and he smiled. He was the first person who spoke to me in the classes.

Week after week, month after month, we became best of friends. By this time you should know I was loner. I never had friends. We started spending a lot of time together. He introduced me to his parents and self-invited himself to my place. His parents loved me because they thought I kept him grounded. My mom loved him because she thought he gets me out of my own little world. Families were happy. We were having our little teenage love going on. We were perfect.

He was a flirt. He flirted with every girl in the class, but at the end of the day waited for me outside the class so that we can then hangout at my place. I remember this one Sunday, when he texted me asking if I’m home. Soon after my reply, I heard the doorbell ring and there he was. My mom asked him what’s the matter? He said, “I left my dad’s place and will stay here.” My mom laughed a lot and said, “Yeah you’re family.” Later his dad called me up asking if he was at my place and asked me to keep him at my place unless he is fine.

Eventually, at the end of my tenth standard, he told me he loved me and I smiled and said I do too. We were placed in different colleges and I had another male friend by then. K used to get jealous and we fought a lot, but these were the cute teenage fights. It was monsoon and the day before he told me we have been friends and have feelings for each other for over a year now and it’s time for us to kiss.

Let me tell you, I was the kind who believed that first kiss is special. So we planned our first kiss on a specific day. He was supposed to pick me up for evening walk after he is back from his day trip with his friends. It was 3 in the afternoon when my other male best friend called me and said, “K drowned in the water.” I was shocked, I didn’t understand what he said. I called up my mom and she said K met with an accident in the picnic and she is on her way to the hospital. I wanted to go too, but I was told to stay back.

I called up my mom and my best friend and my best friend said K was serious. All this while, I was sitting at the window waiting for someone to come. Finally, I saw my mom and my entire tenth standard classes friends walk into my house. Eyes were teared up, red, and they all came hugged me to console me. I was confused, they said he was serious. My mom took me to the other room and told me K did not make it outside the water. They found his body. Body?

I was in pain. I didn’t know where the pain was, but it was somewhere. I went quiet the moment I got the news. I couldn’t believe. He was supposed to come and take me for the evening walk and we were going to have our first kiss. My first kiss of life. The minute everyone left my house and said they are going towards K’s house, I realized how serious this was.

My mom took me to his house. His mom was there crying, his sister was sitting in one corner and his dad looked at him. The moment I saw him lying down on the white cloth, I felt tears all over my face. His dad looked at me and said, “Beta, ask him to wake up. He always woke up with your morning call. Please ask him to wake up.” I couldn’t control myself and ran down the building to cry in the corner.

That day I lost someone who was my life. He was the one who got me a smile even when I was angry. He could make me laugh at my worst. Since that day, I was convinced, every person I love, leave.

Well that’s my first love story. Tell me yours.

Until then ciao!

Keep Reading! Keep Liking! Keep Blogging! Take care!

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