5 Things you will experience in a ‘Long Term’ One-Sided Relationship

“One sided relationships are strong.” We have heard this several times – in movies, novels and TV Series. A couple of your friends might have also told you how toxic the one-sided relationship can be. Are they wrong? Is it toxic? Is it worth it? Let’s call ‘One Sided Relationship’ - OSR from this point … Continue reading 5 Things you will experience in a ‘Long Term’ One-Sided Relationship

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Announcement – 2021

I have been using my blog more like an outlet of my anger and emotions, than something to help someone out there. Today was one such day, I wanted to let out my anger but I stumbled upon the ‘Search Term’ feature of WordPress. I realized for the first time that my blog is used … Continue reading Announcement – 2021

Therapeutic Ranting Session

Feeling miserable in a relationship because of external reasons can be one of the worse thing. Let that relationship be anything from parents to best friends. When external reasons or new relationships start hampering your years of companionship, it is time to take a step back and let it sink in. It is not easy … Continue reading Therapeutic Ranting Session

The Opinionated Girl

If you felt The Indian Matchmaking was a little too harsh on Aparna, let me give you a reality check – Indian men and families would seldom like someone as opinionated as her. People who’ve not watched the Indian Matchmaking show on Netflix, I’d recommend you guys not to but there’s a character in there … Continue reading The Opinionated Girl