5 ways to become a Better Person

We all strive to be a better version of ourselves. Let that be personally or professionally. We all want the world to appreciate us for who we are and what we have achieved in our life. Many will say that they don’t need any approval from others in order to feel better for themselves. Agreed, … Continue reading 5 ways to become a Better Person

Days of the Week – As seen by a Corporate Employee

People like me (The Lost Soul) and my BFF (The Chaoticsoulzzz) who have a 5-days work schedule tend to go through a typical pattern every week. On every weekend we think that the next week is going to be different; however, to our utter disappointment it turns out to the exact same no matter what … Continue reading Days of the Week – As seen by a Corporate Employee

Silver Lining #AtoZChallenge Day 19

Day 19 | Letter: S This is a story of a girl and a guy, a story that many of us might have heard of sometime in our life or might have been part of it. They met at a time in their lives when both of them were looking for a getaway, getaway from … Continue reading Silver Lining #AtoZChallenge Day 19

What makes YOU unique???

In today’s highly competitive and social media obsessed world, we often find ourselves doubting and questioning our being. It’s not that we are not confident about ourselves yet we fall in the trap of this callous world around us and start to doubt the right and believe the wrong. We tend to forget that God … Continue reading What makes YOU unique???

My Top 10 Favorite Retro Songs!!! 90’s and before

The Lost Soul is back with another lost post. Well, not so lost but you might feel lost in the world of music/songs while reading it. Songs and Music plays an important role in our lives. Whether we are aware of it or not but music is an integral part of who we are. We … Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Retro Songs!!! 90’s and before

English is a very funny language

Two in a row, not bad? Well this is another post from my BFF who now has a new category in my Blog, by the way (Achievements) she is ‘The Lost Soul’. I will write the next post about why her write-ups are going on my blog. So, the title and the post don’t really … Continue reading English is a very funny language


  The below write-up is by my best friend –Shrabani whose blogging name would be ‘The Lost Soul’. She has very well mentioned about Our Decisions. I am sure a lot of us would be able to relate to it!?! In our daily lives we come across so many situations where we have to make … Continue reading Decisions…


Hello Guys, I know ChaoticSoulzzz is really behind in posting on a regular basis. I would just say, it is a creative block going on. Because my best friend Shrabani loves my blog and knows there has to be some post for all the readers -  She has asked me to put this on the … Continue reading EMOTIONAL ABUSE – A Paradox???