Life Update

Last couple of months have been so challenging. Losing weight: I am trying to lose weight because my best friend is getting married by the end of the year and I want to look good in the pictures. Another reason to lose weight is that my cousin brother is getting married next year start and … Continue reading Life Update


Food Escapade: Goan

In the month of May, me and my best friend aka The Lost Soul decided that we will try different cuisines for the remaining of 2018. Why is it a big deal? We both are a great lover of comfort, hence deciding to eat something new or outside our comfort zone is a great deal. … Continue reading Food Escapade: Goan

Mysterious Girl

Everyday was different for Tanya. New hotel, New men and new name. Tanya, a top level escort lived in a posh locality of Mumbai and worked as a freelance escort. Her clients booked for her services in advance. Tanya received a notification on her phone with the details of her companion for the next two … Continue reading Mysterious Girl


To be honest, coping up with the A to z blog challenge and being on a vacation is a lot of hard work. I do feel sometimes that I should give up my challenge for the year but then some idea strucks me and I wrote about it. This year there is ABSOLUTELY no content … Continue reading Karma

Love Thyself

"Ahhh", moaned Shipra in pleasure. She was high on this lustful love. Sweat trembling down her two mounts, her hair messy. Biting her lower lips, she moaned again, "Ahhh". Her breathing became heavier and heavier and the room filled with her moans that covered the music going in the background. Small lusty moans were the … Continue reading Love Thyself

Joy and miseries

Joy was a jovial teen who loved life and enjoyed it to the fullest. She was 14 when she had a fight with her mother and she ran away from home. She had a few pennies with her that lasted for 2 days. She realized it was too late and she should return home after … Continue reading Joy and miseries

Imaginative|A to Z Challenge – Day 9

Day 9 | Letter: I "No, he had come to meet me." Koyna yelled at her mother. Her mother cried and went to the other room. Her mother called Koyna's father and said, "It started again. What should I do?" Koyna was on bed rest after her accident. She met with an accident a few … Continue reading Imaginative|A to Z Challenge – Day 9

Hanging Out |A to Z Challenge – Day 8

Day 8 | Letter: H "I'll be home in a while baby." Asha told her husband while having coffee with her boyfriend. Asha, a middle class woman found love in two men, one being her husband and the other her ex-college professor. Asha's husband loves adventure and often is out of town for some road … Continue reading Hanging Out |A to Z Challenge – Day 8

Grey-dicted|A to Z Challenge – Day 7

Day 7 | Letter: G Soma, a 35 year old married woman left her job 7 years ago to take care of her newly born daughter. Her husband Mahesh was working in an MNC and usually came in late from work. Their married life was like one of those married couples who are just living … Continue reading Grey-dicted|A to Z Challenge – Day 7

Forever Friends|A to Z Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 | Letter: F It was a rainy day and the first day of college. Meera was sure she would never fit in this college. She believed that she would never make friends in this college and her 5 years of life will be wasted with no friends, just like school. “Excuse me…” said … Continue reading Forever Friends|A to Z Challenge – Day 6

Enwrapped in a lie |A to Z Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 | Letter: E Aahana loved her father so much that she was broken into pieces when he abandoned her and her mother. Aahana was 14 when he left them and she decided not to love or trust any man ever. She grew to be a strong woman and undoubtedly a tough one. Singlehandedly, … Continue reading Enwrapped in a lie |A to Z Challenge – Day 5

Dream Job |A to Z Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 | Letter: D “Rachel, this is your 7th job in 2 years. Do you realize you have stability issue?” her sister looked at Rachel for an answer. Rachel grabbed the plate of sausages in front of her and started eating them without answering. Her sister furiously left the room and Rachel, looked at … Continue reading Dream Job |A to Z Challenge – Day 4

New Inspiration

This is me breaking from the A to Z just to update this quick thing. One of my recent reader, colleague and friend Vishal, recently moved to Delhi. The moment was quite emotional as we all were quite connected in a very short span. This guy is a total inspiration to me. He is way … Continue reading New Inspiration

Chocolates and Condoms |A to Z Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 | Letter: C “Do you have a condom?” Rudrayani gasped and asked him. He kissed her and said, “Don’t worry! Nothing will happen.” The moment wasn’t worth ruining over ‘protection’, thought Rudrayani. The steamy night came to an end and she woke up in her bed, alone. He wasn’t there. He left. Rudrayani cursed herself … Continue reading Chocolates and Condoms |A to Z Challenge – Day 3

Bookish Love|A to Z Challenge – Day 2

Day 2 | Letter: B Shyama was just an ordinary girl who loved her job, family, friends and books. She was the kinds who 'believed' in books. She swore by them. She was 5, when she first fell in love with her first book - The Little Woman. This was the start of her reading craze. Shyama … Continue reading Bookish Love|A to Z Challenge – Day 2

All about the weight |A to Z Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 | Letter: A “Aren’t you too fat for a girl who is just 28?” People asked Maya this question, every time they saw her. Maya wasn’t the happiest soul on the planet, but one thing she didn’t care about was her weight, unless someone else commented on it. A guy, she had a crush on … Continue reading All about the weight |A to Z Challenge – Day 1

AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal: ‘Short Stories’ about Women

Honestly, it is a fearful feeling to begin the AtoZ Challenge, again this year. I am not only scared but terrified. Primarily because I haven't started the preparation. There's no time table, there's no time and I have chosen a topic that will screw my 'Right side of the brain', the creative side. This year, … Continue reading AtoZ Challenge Theme Reveal: ‘Short Stories’ about Women

Little Adventures

I am not at all an adventurous soul. I love being laid back and sticking to the routines. My entire life, I have had many people whom I have known but when it comes to going out, I have been with Shrabani and everywhere Shrabani went. I have also been dreaming about a tattoo, but … Continue reading Little Adventures

It hurts

This is a rant. If you're looking for a content full blog post, today is not the day. I was dating 'Confused Soul' for almost 4 years with break up every alternate days. We were way too serious. Last year we had a serious break up and we were done, when he cheated. We connected … Continue reading It hurts

4 Mean Things said by my Mom

A mother and daughter relationship is indeed a very special one. As a kid, my mother loved dressing me up and clicking my pictures. Now that I'm all grown up, we have a very different relationship. I am her best friend. She loves talking to me and so do I. She is my gossip partner … Continue reading 4 Mean Things said by my Mom