What’s a vacation to an INTROVERT?

The term ‘vacation’ is very different for me than my friends. For me a vacation is relaxation, luxurious hotel rooms, and good food. I am not the adventurous types and going out for a vacation and exerting myself isn’t the idea I’d prefer. Some of my friends considers this boring because everyone has their own … Continue reading What’s a vacation to an INTROVERT?

Running Away…

A year and a half ago I thought running away is the option to get over with the way I feel. I took the promotion and moved out of my home city. New place, new people, new work life should have got me the peace I was looking for. It didn’t help me, instead it … Continue reading Running Away…

Shhh! Don’t say Depression

I was told by a lot of people to not discuss about my mental health on Social Media. Here’s my take on it: 1. It may look too desperate: It is desperate. Sometimes a post like this is a cry for help. We judge now and later post things like ‘Why didn’t he/she talk to … Continue reading Shhh! Don’t say Depression

Forgive Yourself!

"Forgive yourself." These words haunted her to the core. How can she? The reason she couldn't forgive herself is because one part of her mind said she is at fault, but when she tried to look at the faults, the other side of her mind said, it wasn't her fault at all. Amidst all the … Continue reading Forgive Yourself!