Cheating on Chai with Nescafe Latte

All the people who know me know that I am a ‘Chai’ person more than a coffee person. I feel like a cheater when I enjoy a good cup of coffee. It’s like I am betraying chai, it is worse than cheating on your lover. In the beginning of October, 2017; my brother introduced me … Continue reading Cheating on Chai with Nescafe Latte


Why did I begin blogging?

It is a Wednesday morning and I woke up early with a bad rahther worst tummy pain. It could be because of the excessive dinner I had or maybe the extra Christmas treats, I have been secretly having. Either way, this tummy isn’t going to let me sleep. Someone on Facebook, recently asked me, “Why … Continue reading Why did I begin blogging?

Am I a character in someone’s story?

There are times when I have this feeling, that I am a part of someone's story who dislikes my character so much, that they have decided not to give me any happy days. What if I am living in someone's story? What if a struggling writer is just making up characters and just not ending … Continue reading Am I a character in someone’s story?

Book Review: It’s No Longer A Dream by Sanjeev Ranjan

Book: It's no longer a dream Author: Sanjeev Ranjan I read this book while travelling to work, every day. It’s no longer a dream is fresh air packed in a book. A love story written so beautifully is certainly what I was waiting for. Akshat, the protagonist is lost in life and needs to clear … Continue reading Book Review: It’s No Longer A Dream by Sanjeev Ranjan

Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Did you ever go to a job interview through consultancy services? Have I ever? Always! I started off my career working as a job consultant. The job profile was pretty simple – Call and arrange people for interviews. Sounds easy? It wasn’t. Not a lot of people back then were looking for BPO jobs as … Continue reading Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Interview Culture: The Truth and Lie Game – II

You should read the Part I before you start with this. Click Here! Have job interviews ever given you a terrible headache? Have you ever been in a time in life when you are - unemployed, going for interviews 5 times a week and still getting no result? Are you tired of acting to be sweet and … Continue reading Interview Culture: The Truth and Lie Game – II

Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

I received the copy of this book from the author Sanjeev Ranjan, for an honest review. Hence, my review is completely unbiased and honest. My first impression of the name of the book and book cover was pretty amazing as I expected a lot of romance from this book. I loved the colors used in … Continue reading Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

My Happy Place

It’s a white house and not dirty. It is the house from the Pinterest posts, just perfect. The first room has a gray couch, a small coffee table, a few chairs and television. The walls of the first room are occupied by wall decorations, photo frames. The kitchen has everything that one needs – from … Continue reading My Happy Place

A Different Perspective To The Truth and Lie Game – I

Since childhood, it was taught to me ‘Lying is a Vice’. One should never lie, isn’t this something that sounds familiar? I am sure it does and a lot of us have been trying hard to follow this since then. There are also a few like me, who make up stories instantly, which is compared … Continue reading A Different Perspective To The Truth and Lie Game – I

7 Quotes That Touches Your Soul

Over the past one week, I have been obsessed with Pinterest and the quotes on it. So I decided to share some of my favorite quotes from Pinterest. Also, follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.   The easiest ways to follow me are to click on the links below: Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube For … Continue reading 7 Quotes That Touches Your Soul

My Top 7 Songs for 2016

I like music, though I am not an ardent fan of music but every now and then I love listening to the same old track. I am an old person in the body of a young girl – I am crazy about old songs and I love to listen to them at all times. Using … Continue reading My Top 7 Songs for 2016

Zomato Promo code

Hello guys, Here's a promo code for Zomato order.  Place your first order through the Zomato Order app and use the below code for Rs.  100/- off... ASHM3918 Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!  Keep Eating! 

Self Interview: Completing A To Z Challenge

April ended and I completed my A to Z Challenge, 2016. So here’s a small self-interview related to my experience of the A to Z Challenge. Q. Did I do well? A. Honestly, I screwed up a little bit here and there. I could have done better. Q. What did I learn from my mistakes? … Continue reading Self Interview: Completing A To Z Challenge

Everything About My Love Life

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 5: E Theme: Relationship Summary: This post has some intimate details. It’s a personal blog post and completely suits my Theme. ((Wink, Wink)) I had three topics in mind while deciding for the Day 5 of A to Z Challenge, however, I … Continue reading Everything About My Love Life

Diet and Other Things

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 4: D Theme: Relationship Summary: The relationship with food is the best relationship ever. Here in this post, I’m going to give you guys an insight about my relationship with food and people’s concern about my dietary relationship. We all need food … Continue reading Diet and Other Things

Mission Accomplished

Congratulations! Kudos to Me! At the start of this year, I promised myself that I will write 2 posts every week and strangely I have accomplished that. Here’s in a nutshell what I did in the past 3 months. 1. Topics/Ideas: Writing is easy when the flow of idea is frequent. However, thinking of 2 … Continue reading Mission Accomplished


  It’s that time of the year when bloggers from all over write 26 Posts in the month of April. This is my first time. However, here’s my post for the Theme Reveal. Click here to know the details of the A TO Z CHALLENGE Because this is my first year here, I am going … Continue reading A TO Z CHALLENGE THEME REVEAL 

Alert: Assistance Required!

Hey guys, These are some videos that I have made on YouTube.  They are totally lame.  But I need help and ideas from you guys for making videos.  How about you guys tell me what to vlog or make videos about as I am clueless as hell!!!??!! Also,  why don't you all show me some … Continue reading Alert: Assistance Required!

29-02-2016 | One Day Extra!!!

Today is one extra day of the year. So I decided to write one extra post for today. This post is for the Ashmita (Chaotic Soul/Mita) in the future. This is for the Ashmita in 2020. Four years from now there will again be the extra day of 29th Feb and this letter will make … Continue reading 29-02-2016 | One Day Extra!!!

I Vlog!!!

Yes guys, as the title says, I have been trapped by the Vlogging Routine, and I have started vlogging. It is nothing that I would want to show you guys (it is still very raw)), but I couldn’t keep it away either. I have started vlogging from yesterday and today will be the second day. … Continue reading I Vlog!!!