Was it her fault, all along?

When the lights went off, The tears fell, she sulked, she cried It’s the flashback from the past, Why did he go? Was it her fault, all along? Why didn’t they ever teach her, how to live without them? He left the home one morning, to never come back. They all waited, she waited Trusting … Continue reading Was it her fault, all along?

Poem: The Confused Girl

"She could kill more than one time, To all the people who took tequila out of her lime, She loved to drink all kind of pricey alcohol, Apart from her guy, everyone treated her like a doll."

She’s no more a Girl

Looking out of the pane Pouring down is the rain The stain washed away; The pain washed away Behind was left the ugly scar Please! Don’t ask her to go far You are past; it’s a new era The lass has grown You made her scowl She was a game you played Where she was … Continue reading She’s no more a Girl

Where is He?

  Don’t know where is he, do I? No I don’t. Can’t see him here around But I know he is.   Must be in dark somewhere; Or somewhere in the light, Maybe in the crowded street Or in the city’s midst, right!!!   Can’t see him here around But I know he is!   … Continue reading Where is He?