Therapeutic Ranting Session

Feeling miserable in a relationship because of external reasons can be one of the worse thing. Let that relationship be anything from parents to best friends. When external reasons or new relationships start hampering your years of companionship, it is time to take a step back and let it sink in. It is not easy … Continue reading Therapeutic Ranting Session

The Opinionated Girl

If you felt The Indian Matchmaking was a little too harsh on Aparna, let me give you a reality check – Indian men and families would seldom like someone as opinionated as her. People who’ve not watched the Indian Matchmaking show on Netflix, I’d recommend you guys not to but there’s a character in there … Continue reading The Opinionated Girl

Running Away…

A year and a half ago I thought running away is the option to get over with the way I feel. I took the promotion and moved out of my home city. New place, new people, new work life should have got me the peace I was looking for. It didn’t help me, instead it … Continue reading Running Away…

Forgive Yourself!

"Forgive yourself." These words haunted her to the core. How can she? The reason she couldn't forgive herself is because one part of her mind said she is at fault, but when she tried to look at the faults, the other side of her mind said, it wasn't her fault at all. Amidst all the … Continue reading Forgive Yourself!

Rant: Judging an Overweight Human

We live in a society wherein an overweight person is judged way too easily and more often than an average sized person. We do not think twice before making fun of an overweight person. We think it is our birth right to comment on their body and give them tips to lose weight. We also … Continue reading Rant: Judging an Overweight Human

There’s always a story

As a kid, I was told, “You’re too quiet and a cry baby.” As a teen, I was told, “You’re too mature for your age.” I nodded with a smile. As an adult, I was told, “You are very arrogant, lazy and have an attitude problem.” As a 30 year old, all I’d like to … Continue reading There’s always a story

The Indian Matchmaking

I watched the dreadful show on Netflix called Indian Matchmaking. It made me roll my eyes and grunt more than usual. I had a disgust look most of the time while watching the show except for Vyasar Ganesan. He took my heart away. The show depicts the harsh truth of Indian communities of arrange marriages. … Continue reading The Indian Matchmaking

Societal Version of Ugly

While growing up, I had this inferiority complex about the way I look. I was fat, not fair, short and everything that’s not ‘right’ as per the societal guidelines. Let’s talk about my genetics, my father was plump, bald and short. My mother was wheatish and not very fair, slim but short. Now, I being … Continue reading Societal Version of Ugly

Adulting Rant!

I’m hating this whole adulting sham. When I was a kid I was told, “Just be sincere till your tenth standard. Life after that is smooth.” After my tenth I was told, “It is just twelfth standard. One more board exams and you’ll be out there minting money.” Post that I realized for a good … Continue reading Adulting Rant!

Depression is Real

Last few weeks, rather months have been really tough for the citizens of the globe. Pandemic, cyclone, unemployment etc. has taken a toll on a lot of lives. I sympathize with everyone who are suffering and kudos to all those who are striving hard to overcome this. One of the news on the suicide investigation … Continue reading Depression is Real

Reasons not responsible for my depression

A fat person call themselves fat but takes an offence when the world points it out. Don't take an offence to this statement, I'm a fat person and I can use the 'term - fat' to my convenience. Likewise a depressed person can call themselves depressed but if someone else points it out we retaliate, … Continue reading Reasons not responsible for my depression

Domestic Violence: Let’s Talk

Maya was stunned when Rudra hit her, right across her face. She sat in one corner of the house wondering how did he think he can hit her and get away with it. She cried but was still wondering if it was her who gave him the vibe that it is okay to hit her. … Continue reading Domestic Violence: Let’s Talk

Theme Reveal 2020 – #AtoZChallenge – Last Minute Change – Food Fiction

Let's be honest here. I thought I'll be able to do the A to Z April Challenge of the old novels with a modern twist but that was really posted by me on the 'feeling good day' of my life. Now that the challenge starts in 2 days, I realized I am effed up and I … Continue reading Theme Reveal 2020 – #AtoZChallenge – Last Minute Change – Food Fiction

The Messy-Organized Girl

There’s one thing about organizing things - ‘It is messed-up’. If you understand that statement, we can be friends. No! Really! I have a best friend who is a ‘cleanliness’ freak and a mother who loves my best friend for the same. Sadly, my own blood - ‘my brother’ is surprisingly clean and organized. On … Continue reading The Messy-Organized Girl

Rape: A New Indian Culture

There's ample of blogs, vlogs, videos and articles out there about rape. Everyone is trying to create some awareness, but trust me it is all going in vain. Everytime there's a rape case that's been highlighted by media, there's a rigour and anger in us. A lot of us walk the street with candles and … Continue reading Rape: A New Indian Culture

Shahrukh Khan – Birthday Post

This one's an extract from a post written by me in 2015. He is the man who made me Deewana. His journey was a Chamatkar overall. He made every girls’ heart say Dil Aashna Hai while Raju ban gaya Gentleman was every boys’ dream. I was imagining myself as Maya Memsaab and was so much … Continue reading Shahrukh Khan – Birthday Post

New blog on the way!

A quick life update about my completely irrelevant life: I have moved to Pune around 4 months ago and fell sick twice. Additionally, it is time you guys congratulate me for my promotion as an Assistant Manager. I along with my two girlfriends have decided to go to Goa, the following year and right now … Continue reading New blog on the way!

Understanding the human brain – Rant – 1

There have been many instances wherein I have given direct rather than subtle hints on the fact that I may need HELP. The question I have been asking myself is “When I realized, I need help, why did I expect someone to actually help me? Why couldn’t I help, myself?” The only logical reason behind … Continue reading Understanding the human brain – Rant – 1

Single BFF vs Married BFF

This one was long due, wasn't it? My best friend got married last year in November and it was one of the happiest day of my life. Why? She literally married the love of her life despite of all the lemons thrown at them by life. I was so proud of my girl whose life … Continue reading Single BFF vs Married BFF

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