Introducing: The Missing Spark

So far, a lot of you guys have read about Mia and Anant. These are the two leads of my new series. As you have guessed by now, the name of this series will be 'The Missing Spark'. Some details about the characters is coming up, shortly. Until then, Ciao!


That Girl: Little More About Her

Darkness. One word to describe Mia's emotions. She woke up every morning with the only goal to be back home soon and sleep. She looks at herself with no interest at all and leaves her house. Scrolling through her social media feeds. Reading about a new diet. "Will this work?" She reaches work and gets … Continue reading That Girl: Little More About Her

That Girl: Introduction

The new story is going to be the story of Mia. Mia is an independent girl working in a call center, lives with her mom in Mumbai. She is everything one doesn't expect from a female lead of a love story. She is fat, short hair, suffering from PCOD and depression. She is the non-existent … Continue reading That Girl: Introduction