Queen-ified Mode On #AtoZChallenge Day 17

Day 17 | Letter: Q I am 100% sure the word ‘Queen-ified’ doesn’t exist, but it is a word we should have in our dictionary of life. I and depression go way behind in history and have been together ever since I was a teenager, maybe. Some people really find it difficult to digest that... Continue Reading →

Price Tag Mechanism #AtoZChallenge Day 16

Day 16 | Letter: P I have come across this weird habit of being a miser since the time I was broke and unemployed. This habit was called ‘Killing my Cravings’. For me, cutting down my cravings were the biggest money saver deal. My cravings go bizarre and one needs to keep a check on... Continue Reading →

Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

Day 15 | Letter: O People in our society have tagged and labelled a woman in many ways and the worse one is ‘The Other Woman’. Who is this other woman? When I was in a relationship and my boyfriend cheated on me (in a way), he went to another girl out of curiosity (of... Continue Reading →

Never Say Never #AtoZChallenge Day 14

Day 14 | Letter: N On Day 14 of A to Z Challenge, let me present a short story. This story is of a girl called Shyama. She is the outgoing, career oriented, bold girl. She is the one who makes head turn around. She moves her body like a cyclone, while dancing. She is... Continue Reading →

Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

Day 13 | Letter: M An Ode to all the Mothers, especially the Single Moms:   Being strong has become a duty for her And maybe that’s why she is called a Mother, She forgot who she was Instead became the lady boss.     She studied three times in her life, Once for herself... Continue Reading →

Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12

Day 12 | Letter: L Me and clothes sizes are the biggest enemy. I have a problem with the Fashion Industry because they don’t make enough clothes for the majority of people who are called as ‘Plus Sizes’. Long, long ago, I was a ‘Medium’ girl who got every dress with the ‘Large’ label because... Continue Reading →

Karma #AtoZChallenge – Day 11

Day 11  | Letter: K I always used the ‘K-word’ like it is a no big deal, forgetting the fact that I am also covered under the Karma Policy. Pride is something that activates your Karma agreement. My intentions were always clear about doing good, helping family and friends. So I felt I was a... Continue Reading →

Watch “AIB : If People Treated Other Illnesses Like They Treat Depression” on YouTube


Jumping to Conclusions #AtoZChallenge – Day 10

Day 10  | Letter: J Call it a bad habit, but I am the type of person, who jumps to conclusion in every situation. It is a trait of mine, the bad one. Taking it – one day at a time is something I have just started, but my natural instinct is to jump to... Continue Reading →

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