Invade my Privacy

I am really lacking behind with blogging and I’m going to put the blame on my lazy personality and exhausting work schedule. I wondered, “What should I blog about today?” and then I couldn’t come up with topics, so I decided to do a tag that I saw trending on the internet lately - the... Continue Reading →


Counting my blessings? 

I had to write today.  I am half sleepy and exhausted. Work and travel to work and home is killing me. The cabs provided by my company sucks.  All that said, let's count my blessings in this post!  I am truly grateful that I have an effing job that pays the bills.  Not all the... Continue Reading →

I thought I knew you

Walking in the market area of Mumbai, trying to hold multiple bags she had, and bargaining with the shopkeeper for Diwali lanterns, Maya was a messy delight to watch. After winning the bargain, she walked towards the main road to get a rickshaw and felt someone was following her. She turned back and was flabbergasted... Continue Reading →

What’s going on? 

We, the human race, don't understand the feelings of our fellow beings. We, the human race, don't understand the pains the other go through.  We, the human race, give a damn about everything else that do not associate with us.  This is what we have become. This is what we are. We are a bunch... Continue Reading →

Chapter 29 | Vacation Goals

It was her second morning in Goa. Maya woke up to room service whom she had informed a night before to wake her up at 8 in the morning. She thanked the room service guy and locked the door. She stood at the balcony and took in the Goa beach breeze. She felt a lot... Continue Reading →

Selectively Social

Being anti-social is a thing. A person who is anti-social, doesn’t dislike people who are social, they just find it weird to do it themselves. I am an anti-social being and I am very vocal about the fact that I don't like the company of living beings. That being said, it is not that I... Continue Reading →

Another Random Thought 

I am sure apologizing won’t really make up for me been going missing on this blog. The reason is simple – Time Management. I simply don’t understand how people manage time and post daily. Honestly, I have a lot of time when I reach home, but I am tired and I lay down with my... Continue Reading →

7 Things to Avoid During Night Shift

I have been a master of doing ‘Night Shifts’ and by all the power vested in me by the Universe, I can comment on this topic very well, I hope. Note: All the points said in this post are from my personal experience. Try at your own risk. Over eating: Believe me on this one.... Continue Reading →

Monday Motivation: Moving On

A lot of people in this world will tell you not to cry over broken hearts and to move on. When they say so, we wonder this person who is asking me to move on is literally mocking me or doesn’t know anything about love. This person is a friend, relative, extended family, immediate family... Continue Reading →

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