Forever Friends|A to Z Challenge – Day 6

Day 6 | Letter: F It was a rainy day and the first day of college. Meera was sure she would never fit in this college. She believed that she would never make friends in this college and her 5 years of life will be wasted with no friends, just like school. “Excuse me…” said … Continue reading Forever Friends|A to Z Challenge – Day 6


Enwrapped in a lie |A to Z Challenge – Day 5

Day 5 | Letter: E Aahana loved her father so much that she was broken into pieces when he abandoned her and her mother. Aahana was 14 when he left them and she decided not to love or trust any man ever. She grew to be a strong woman and undoubtedly a tough one. Singlehandedly, … Continue reading Enwrapped in a lie |A to Z Challenge – Day 5

Dream Job |A to Z Challenge – Day 4

Day 4 | Letter: D “Rachel, this is your 7th job in 2 years. Do you realize you have stability issue?” her sister looked at Rachel for an answer. Rachel grabbed the plate of sausages in front of her and started eating them without answering. Her sister furiously left the room and Rachel, looked at … Continue reading Dream Job |A to Z Challenge – Day 4

Chocolates and Condoms |A to Z Challenge – Day 3

Day 3 | Letter: C “Do you have a condom?” Rudrayani gasped and asked him. He kissed her and said, “Don’t worry! Nothing will happen.” The moment wasn’t worth ruining over ‘protection’, thought Rudrayani. The steamy night came to an end and she woke up in her bed, alone. He wasn’t there. He left. Rudrayani cursed herself … Continue reading Chocolates and Condoms |A to Z Challenge – Day 3

Zone #AtoZChallenge Day 26

Day 26 | Letter: Z Finally it is the Day 26 of A to Z Challenge and I have survived this one too. Should I be proud of myself? Anyway, today’s post is a simple post on ‘Zones’. We all have the zones that we go to. The friend zone, the comfort zone, the thinking … Continue reading Zone #AtoZChallenge Day 26

Yet again #AtoZChallenge Day 25 

Okay! I am late and this is not a regular post.. But i was really busy to even sit down in front of my laptop and write, so I decided to write on my phone and upload a post for day 25... I can't lose it in the last two days.  This one's a rant … Continue reading Yet again #AtoZChallenge Day 25 

X’s with Zero Qualities #AtoZChallenge Day 24

Day 24 | Letter: X Remember the game we played in school ‘X and Zero’? This post is nothing about it. X’s here mean people who we have dated, loved and given up our life for and zeroes mean the zero expectation we should keep from the next. I was the kind of girl who … Continue reading X’s with Zero Qualities #AtoZChallenge Day 24

Vacation #AtoZChallenge Day 22

Day 22 | Letter: V She looked at the waves and smiled. It had been 3 years since she had been out with the one person she loved the most. She was grateful and believed that she is blessed to have had this day, today. She walked up to the shack and booked a room. … Continue reading Vacation #AtoZChallenge Day 22

Under the Spell #AtoZChallenge Day 21

Day 21 | Letter: U “You have ruined my house”, said Shipra to Shyama. Shyama was blank and wondered what is wrong with this female. Shyama kept her calm while Shipra was abusing her. Atharva was quietly standing in the corner without uttering a single word. “Why did you choose my house and my fiance?” … Continue reading Under the Spell #AtoZChallenge Day 21

Taming the Voice #AtoZChallenge Day 20

Day 20 | Letter: T I was always an opinionated woman and never failed in saying what’s on my mind. I have been the types who intimidate men and I know it. My words are harsh and my voice is loud. I am the woman with a voice. Unfortunately the Indian society is scared of … Continue reading Taming the Voice #AtoZChallenge Day 20

Restart Your Life #AtoZChallenge Day 18

Day 18 | Letter: R Restarting life isn’t an easy task, but those who can, are stronger. As all of us know by now that, I was going through a rough time. Dealing with depression, break up and unemployment isn’t easy for any one. People go on pills when depression hits them and thanks to … Continue reading Restart Your Life #AtoZChallenge Day 18

Queen-ified Mode On #AtoZChallenge Day 17

Day 17 | Letter: Q I am 100% sure the word ‘Queen-ified’ doesn’t exist, but it is a word we should have in our dictionary of life. I and depression go way behind in history and have been together ever since I was a teenager, maybe. Some people really find it difficult to digest that … Continue reading Queen-ified Mode On #AtoZChallenge Day 17

Price Tag Mechanism #AtoZChallenge Day 16

Day 16 | Letter: P I have come across this weird habit of being a miser since the time I was broke and unemployed. This habit was called ‘Killing my Cravings’. For me, cutting down my cravings were the biggest money saver deal. My cravings go bizarre and one needs to keep a check on … Continue reading Price Tag Mechanism #AtoZChallenge Day 16

Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

Day 15 | Letter: O People in our society have tagged and labelled a woman in many ways and the worse one is ‘The Other Woman’. Who is this other woman? When I was in a relationship and my boyfriend cheated on me (in a way), he went to another girl out of curiosity (of … Continue reading Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

Never Say Never #AtoZChallenge Day 14

Day 14 | Letter: N On Day 14 of A to Z Challenge, let me present a short story. This story is of a girl called Shyama. She is the outgoing, career oriented, bold girl. She is the one who makes head turn around. She moves her body like a cyclone, while dancing. She is … Continue reading Never Say Never #AtoZChallenge Day 14

Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

Day 13 | Letter: M An Ode to all the Mothers, especially the Single Moms:   Being strong has become a duty for her And maybe that’s why she is called a Mother, She forgot who she was Instead became the lady boss.     She studied three times in her life, Once for herself … Continue reading Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12

Day 12 | Letter: L Me and clothes sizes are the biggest enemy. I have a problem with the Fashion Industry because they don’t make enough clothes for the majority of people who are called as ‘Plus Sizes’. Long, long ago, I was a ‘Medium’ girl who got every dress with the ‘Large’ label because … Continue reading Labels #AtoZChallenge Day 12

Karma #AtoZChallenge – Day 11

Day 11  | Letter: K I always used the ‘K-word’ like it is a no big deal, forgetting the fact that I am also covered under the Karma Policy. Pride is something that activates your Karma agreement. My intentions were always clear about doing good, helping family and friends. So I felt I was a … Continue reading Karma #AtoZChallenge – Day 11

Jumping to Conclusions #AtoZChallenge – Day 10

Day 10  | Letter: J Call it a bad habit, but I am the type of person, who jumps to conclusion in every situation. It is a trait of mine, the bad one. Taking it – one day at a time is something I have just started, but my natural instinct is to jump to … Continue reading Jumping to Conclusions #AtoZChallenge – Day 10

I, me and myself: Self Love #AtoZChallenge – Day 9

Day 9  | Letter: I Some people feel I am ‘Self-obsessed’, ‘Self-absorbed’, ‘Self-everything’ and they also consider all these things as a negative trait. I have been a ‘giving’ person all my life and even now I am a ‘giving’ person when it comes to my loved ones. It isn’t my mistake if a lot … Continue reading I, me and myself: Self Love #AtoZChallenge – Day 9