The Indian Matchmaking

I watched the dreadful show on Netflix called Indian Matchmaking. It made me roll my eyes and grunt more than usual. I had a disgust look most of the time while watching the show except for Vyasar Ganesan. He took my heart away. The show depicts the harsh truth of Indian communities of arrange marriages. … Continue reading The Indian Matchmaking

Dear Future Husband

A letter to the future husband from a blogger. Full of love and genuine wishes.

How to avoid an Arrange Marriage?

If you are in your twenties you may have come across a situation where you’ll were asked about getting married. If no, you are lucky! Well I have met quite some boys till now who my family and relatives think are an ideal match for me - Seven to be precise. How can I have … Continue reading How to avoid an Arrange Marriage?

Marriage Again it is…

Marriage again it is! Why is marrying the RIGHT person so important in life! I am just an average student who is striving hard to earn a living and complete my masters. At this stage marriage is more or less like an emotional bond. My maternal aunts are searching for a nice Bengali Brahmin guy … Continue reading Marriage Again it is…