Societal Version of Ugly

While growing up, I had this inferiority complex about the way I look. I was fat, not fair, short and everything that’s not ‘right’ as per the societal guidelines. Let’s talk about my genetics, my father was plump, bald and short. My mother was wheatish and not very fair, slim but short. Now, I being … Continue reading Societal Version of Ugly

Love-story 1

It all began when I joined my tenth standard classes. I was naive, believed in love stories and believed that there is a knight in shining armor for me who will come and sweep me off and make me forget my past. Well the past isn't a love story, it is just that I have … Continue reading Love-story 1

I Am Beautiful

I may not have the perfect figure or the fairest skin. I do not have my head filled with black luscious hair. Neither do I have smooth skin that resembles butter.  I do not have the smile that hurts my jaw and my teeth are not perfect too. I am not the girl from the … Continue reading I Am Beautiful