Lust List: Glitter

Call it the Pinterest obsession – that  has made me crazy and make me fall in love with all the food they have on their site and also all the other things like dresses, shoes, bags etc… It’s the best place to plan your wedding outfits, wedding designs, home interiors, jewelry,  footwear, work outfits, casual... Continue Reading →


Chapter Two

Maya was broken at that time; she knew that she might never see her Kolkata again, never see her home, and never see her friends… Shiv brings her coffee and informs her that her bags are all organized and kept in his room. Maya goes to his room and look at the bags, which were... Continue Reading →

This or That???

  ‘What’s in a Name?’ Shakespeare’s words are true but I don’t believe in this quote of his.   One thing that we are always proud of is our own name. Most of us love it. Though I know many people who don’t like their names as such, this is quite weird for me. I... Continue Reading →

5 Things that Annoys your Best Friend

I was clueless about what to write today. I was watching movies yesterday (yeah the entire night). And today being the last off of my Super Long Weekend. Well I was just thinking of how sexy and hot can a Bong girl be! Well they are the hottest. Look at Me! Okay well yeah we... Continue Reading →

Walking down the memory lane…

As girls or women, whom are we attracted to the most? Most of us are attracted to Bad Boys. Very few of us get attracted to that Geek in the class on the first bench. All we like is the one who bunks the lectures and sits outside the college, with a cigarette in his... Continue Reading →

Off my List…

There are types of men who get attracted to nerd but hot girls.   The ‘nerd but hot girl’, here is ME - Of course. Shh… Don’t laugh. I am a nerd. 😉   It’s a good thing when hot men get attracted to Nerd but Hot Girls (NBHG). But do you think it is... Continue Reading →

Look What’s Here…

Online shopping websites are nice with lots of variety and trustworthy these days. And with websites like urbantouch and violetbag, one can get brands under one roof without travelling from one showroom to the other. And how can I forget the discounts I get from these websites.   So last week I had ordered quite... Continue Reading →

Street Shopping…

  I had written almost 1041 words in the previous unpublished blog post. The fact is I will never publish it because I have just deleted the entire word document. I was actually too lazy to write it after a week. So I have decided to combine the past weeks and today’s shopping spree together... Continue Reading →

Ohh! You are a Bengali!?!

I have heard many  people telling me, “You don’t look like a Bengali!” I often ignored their comments. Usually people ask me for my last name and when I tell them, “its Chatterjee.” They look at me and tell the above mentioned sentence.   Why am I writing this all of a sudden…? Obviously because... Continue Reading →

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