Adulting Rant!

I’m hating this whole adulting sham. When I was a kid I was told, “Just be sincere till your tenth standard. Life after that is smooth.” After my tenth I was told, “It is just twelfth standard. One more board exams and you’ll be out there minting money.” Post that I realized for a good … Continue reading Adulting Rant!

The Messy-Organized Girl

There’s one thing about organizing things - ‘It is messed-up’. If you understand that statement, we can be friends. No! Really! I have a best friend who is a ‘cleanliness’ freak and a mother who loves my best friend for the same. Sadly, my own blood - ‘my brother’ is surprisingly clean and organized. On … Continue reading The Messy-Organized Girl

5 ways to become a Better Person

We all strive to be a better version of ourselves. Let that be personally or professionally. We all want the world to appreciate us for who we are and what we have achieved in our life. Many will say that they don’t need any approval from others in order to feel better for themselves. Agreed, … Continue reading 5 ways to become a Better Person

Why did I begin blogging?

It is a Wednesday morning and I woke up early with a bad rahther worst tummy pain. It could be because of the excessive dinner I had or maybe the extra Christmas treats, I have been secretly having. Either way, this tummy isn’t going to let me sleep. Someone on Facebook, recently asked me, “Why … Continue reading Why did I begin blogging?

Weekend Updates

Not that I haven't spammed your Instagram wall with my weekend posts. But here are some pictures from the weekend for all those who are not following me on INSTAGRAM, for some weird reason! So, I did manage to get my eyebrows done! Phew! It totally feels good to look like a human, again! I … Continue reading Weekend Updates

7 Things I Need To Do ASAP

I am the most imperfect person. I am someone who has the unhealthiest lifestyle and I am 27 year old! That being said, I think I am going to try doing these 7 things on a regular basis to bring some discipline in my life. Blog Frequently: I have been cheating on blogging for something … Continue reading 7 Things I Need To Do ASAP

7 Things to Avoid During Night Shift

I have been a master of doing ‘Night Shifts’ and by all the power vested in me by the Universe, I can comment on this topic very well, I hope. Note: All the points said in this post are from my personal experience. Try at your own risk. Over eating: Believe me on this one. … Continue reading 7 Things to Avoid During Night Shift

New Life Update

30 days of everyday writing experience is always a feel good factor. Now that April is over, my lazy blogger trait will sneak in and force me to rest a little longer than usual because there is no deadline. Anyway, hello all! It’s been too long since I posted a life update post. By now … Continue reading New Life Update

Dreams: A Filmy Affair #AtoZChallenge – Day 4

Day 4 | Letter: D I must’ve vaguely spoken about the dreams I see but I don't remember giving you all a sneak peek into it, have I? This A to Z season, let’s talk about my dreams and my connection with it, in brief. I dream a lot with closed and open eyes. As a … Continue reading Dreams: A Filmy Affair #AtoZChallenge – Day 4

Marital Rape: Short Story

SERIOUS PLEA: Honestly, read it only if you have time. Read it till the end, people! “Hello” said Maya on the phone. “How are you?” replied her mother. Maya wiped her tears and said, “Yeah Ma, I am fine. How are you?” “I am fine. Are you planning to come to Mumbai this month?” replied … Continue reading Marital Rape: Short Story

My Happy Place

It’s a white house and not dirty. It is the house from the Pinterest posts, just perfect. The first room has a gray couch, a small coffee table, a few chairs and television. The walls of the first room are occupied by wall decorations, photo frames. The kitchen has everything that one needs – from … Continue reading My Happy Place

Merger: Chaoticsoulzzz + The Runaway Writer

I decided to merge The Runaway Writer and ChaoticSoulzzz as I realized a lot of my readers on ChaoticSoulzzz missed out the wonders of The Runaway Writer. Now, all you have to do is finding on the top ‘Menu’ bar the tab for The Runaway Writer and start reading all the chapters one by one. … Continue reading Merger: Chaoticsoulzzz + The Runaway Writer

A Different Perspective To The Truth and Lie Game – I

Since childhood, it was taught to me ‘Lying is a Vice’. One should never lie, isn’t this something that sounds familiar? I am sure it does and a lot of us have been trying hard to follow this since then. There are also a few like me, who make up stories instantly, which is compared … Continue reading A Different Perspective To The Truth and Lie Game – I


Hello all,   A small announcement,  I would consider this to be a good news and something that I've wanted since almost 3 years now.  Three years ago,  my blog saw a sudden spike in the followers list -  How?  Why?  I really don't know, but I was really grateful.   Now that chaoticsoulzzz is … Continue reading Announcement

Alert: Self Hosting and Domain

Hello All,  For those who don't know me,  I'm Ashmita Chatterjee,  the blogger of chaoticsoulzzz.  So now that you'll know me and we have done the introduction part,  I really need your HELP!  I have been blogging since 2011, but still don't own a 'dot com' and I sincerely wish to buy a 'dot com'. … Continue reading Alert: Self Hosting and Domain

Summer/Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

Cleaning out my wardrobe is something I try avoiding every now and then.  But this Spring I decided to clean up my entire wardrobe and follow the minimalism system. I have decided this year to keep clothes and essentials that I WILL DEFINITELY wear or use this season. The rest of them had to be … Continue reading Summer/Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

Transition to Fall

In India,  we don't generally have the Fall as a season.  But yet this time of the year is comparatively pleasant,  at least when compared to the monstrous Summer. How do I have a transition from Summer to Fall? 1.  I take out the cardigans and pair them up with my jeans and a regular … Continue reading Transition to Fall

Why should boys have all the fun???

Disclaimer: This post is very close to my heart. I have felt it and gone through it and every single word in this post is nothing but out of my heart and brain. Also, this post might hit the right spots for many, doesn’t mean that you’ll just move out of your relationship and say: … Continue reading Why should boys have all the fun???

Freelance Writer

Hello Readers and Viewers, If you’re looking to hire a freelance writer or your friends are looking for one, you are at the right place.  I am Ashmita Chatterjee from India and can help you with anything to do with words. This is my Virtual Office and you can reach out to me for any … Continue reading Freelance Writer

Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

A reader (vrittikhawani) sent me an email to write on how to be happy instantly after sadness? I am the saddest person in this world.  If you are looking for ‘Being Sad’ on Google, it might show me in the search (Over Exaggerating). I am the kind who wants things to go in a proper … Continue reading Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad