Societal Version of Ugly

While growing up, I had this inferiority complex about the way I look. I was fat, not fair, short and everything that’s not ‘right’ as per the societal guidelines. Let’s talk about my genetics, my father was plump, bald and short. My mother was wheatish and not very fair, slim but short. Now, I being … Continue reading Societal Version of Ugly

Why did I begin blogging?

It is a Wednesday morning and I woke up early with a bad rahther worst tummy pain. It could be because of the excessive dinner I had or maybe the extra Christmas treats, I have been secretly having. Either way, this tummy isn’t going to let me sleep. Someone on Facebook, recently asked me, “Why … Continue reading Why did I begin blogging?


Recently with the help of Shrabani I got a new channel on my TV – Comedy Central! The channel as the name says has only comedy shows. From ‘That 70s Show’ to Seinfeld and now the new show on the channel, which is not NEW actually but in India, yeah it is new – Awkward … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: We’re not really INVISIBLE!