French Toast: A twisted love story

This year’s Blogging Theme for the A to Z April Challenge for Chaoticsoulzzz is Food Fiction. Today, F is for French Toast. Five years of marriage came to an end when Mahi caught Betty cheating on her with their common friend - Anne. Mahi came out as Bi-sexual when she was 15. Mahi was an Indian but was … Continue reading French Toast: A twisted love story

The break-up reality!

I am sure a lot of my readers have noticed that I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis. Give me a death sentence! No like seriously! I have been cheating on blogging with sleeping. This is not the first time that I have mentioned it on my blog that I have a hectic travelling … Continue reading The break-up reality!

Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

Day 15 | Letter: O People in our society have tagged and labelled a woman in many ways and the worse one is ‘The Other Woman’. Who is this other woman? When I was in a relationship and my boyfriend cheated on me (in a way), he went to another girl out of curiosity (of … Continue reading Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15