Ohh! You are a Bengali!?!

I have heard many  people telling me, “You don’t look like a Bengali!” I often ignored their comments. Usually people ask me for my last name and when I tell them, “its Chatterjee.” They look at me and tell the above mentioned sentence.   Why am I writing this all of a sudden…? Obviously because … Continue reading Ohh! You are a Bengali!?!


Shhh… It’s a Silent Day!

At times it's more than people blaming you, it's you who think that people are blaming you. “Come-on! Get over the self-obsession Mita”, this is what I tell myself when this happens. Rightly said by someone close to me, ‘the more you think of the worse, the more more worse would happen to you.’ don’t … Continue reading Shhh… It’s a Silent Day!

Cry Baby? yeah that’s me!

I ain't proud to say that I watched the movie The Namesake today, because I should’ve seen it long back. But then I wasn’t that fanatic about movies like I am today. So I asked my brother to download the movie and I watched it. I read the Novel long back, but watching the movie … Continue reading Cry Baby? yeah that’s me!

Crush, Attraction, Love – whatever!

Today I was talking to a colleague in the company’s transport, and she told me that it's difficult to forget your first love! I agreed with her. She then asked me if I have ever been in love. I told her the truth. I then told her, “never been in love but had many crushes’ … Continue reading Crush, Attraction, Love – whatever!

The Final Adieu

The final adieu was a difficult thing. My ex-workplace had my relieving letter with them, so I had to go there to collect it and trust me it was actually walking down the memory lane. Everything about the place actually made me cry and made it even more difficult for me to actually say goodbye. … Continue reading The Final Adieu

Love Horoscopes – All Over Me!

Love horoscopes make us more miserable. There are people like me all around the globe. The types who would cry in a romantic movie or would read love stories always or have a crush at every point of life. People who are like me are confused about love and crush and hence think every crush … Continue reading Love Horoscopes – All Over Me!

Beauty with Brains: The Modern Indian Women

It is certainly not about which brand she is wearing or what make up she is using. It is also not about how many degrees she holds from the top most universities. It’s not about her profession, not about her character. It is simply about HER! It’s about the struggle in her mind. It’s about … Continue reading Beauty with Brains: The Modern Indian Women

The Story of Life!

Basically the problem is all the unavailable men are not only attracted to me but they are themselves attractive too… not all, but yeah some are pretty hot. Unfortunately guys who are extremely hot and well-behaved are either already married or getting married by the end of this month.   Men who are single are … Continue reading The Story of Life!

Desperate Dumb Men: I don’t NEED you at all!

I always said, “Guys and girls can be best of friends. Look at me and Ju***d!” I used to feel proud of my friendship with him. I was in fact proud of him. But good things never last. You know how it feels when you go wrong and people give you that ‘TOLD YOU’ looks! … Continue reading Desperate Dumb Men: I don’t NEED you at all!


Recently with the help of Shrabani I got a new channel on my TV – Comedy Central! The channel as the name says has only comedy shows. From ‘That 70s Show’ to Seinfeld and now the new show on the channel, which is not NEW actually but in India, yeah it is new – Awkward … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: We’re not really INVISIBLE!


In a house, where your mom works for a government firm and your younger brother is a student and you are an unemployed oldest daughter trust me the things you are suppose to do are – washing clothes, cleaning the floor, washing the utensils, cutting the vegetables, cooking Woahh I am tired! But yes this … Continue reading The ‘ME TIME’


  Ignorance by someone leads to hatred for someone! When you ignore someone upfront, they have the feeling of hatred for you. it really doesn’t matter if you guys had the best chemistry ever. Ignorance leads to hatred!   And why shouldn’t it? There’s something known as self-respect! You know at times you know that … Continue reading Being IGNORED is a BIG DEAL!

Fall in and out of Love!

Yes, I often fall in and out of love! Every time I meet a person and flirt with them and have few good talks and couple of coffee dates, I feel its LOVE! Well it’s not completely my fault! Well it is!   I proudly say that I have fallen in love many times and … Continue reading Fall in and out of Love!

Confusion, at it’s BEST!!!

  This year is nothing but a soul searching year for me. As they say, before judging others, judge who you are. It’s never a shame to know who you really are. The first month of 2012 is almost on the edge of getting over, but I haven’t done many things from the ‘101 chaotic … Continue reading Confusion, at it’s BEST!!!

Your Call: What’s Better?

What’s better? Not seeing the guy you like for months or seeing the guy you like everyday but with his WIFE or LOVER?  Ahh!!! It’s better to be away from the guy for months and years than seeing him with someone else. One of my friends is in this mode at the moment! I can’t … Continue reading Your Call: What’s Better?

Why Say NO to DATE???

  Not turning up for a date without informing is a DISASTER… Let’s call the person who didn’t turn up for the date as DATE-E and the person who kept waiting as DATE-R!!! Let’s jot down 10 reasons to why people don’t turn up on a pre planned date:   10. Busy: maybe the date-e … Continue reading Why Say NO to DATE???

Good Boys and Bad Girls…

Are guys really more sentimental than girls? Naah… now-a-days if you go to see the trend, a girl would say: “Casual Relationship.” While a guy would say: “Serious Relationship” what do you think leads to this? Is it that the guys have become more emo than the girls??? Or has the girls changed themselves completely… … Continue reading Good Boys and Bad Girls…

P.S. I Love You ‘Again’!!!

Love happens only once. BullSh*t!!! Love for me now is nothing more than ATTRACTION. Since the last 21 years I have never been in love but had N number of attractions. I have had so many attractions that if I want I can start a BLOG about it with every new blog post as a … Continue reading P.S. I Love You ‘Again’!!!

7 Reasons to Say No to Marriage

Really found this funny and interesting prompt… this is something that I would really love writing on… “07 reasons to turn down a marriage proposal” (this can be said by a girl to the prospect) At the age of 21 a Bengali middle class family girl has to jot down a list of reasons to … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Say No to Marriage

can’t it be SORTED????

And he asks…. “We’re just friends?” the reply would always be “YES. You were always and will be” but is it really difficult for guys to be FRIENDS with girls? There was a time when I had all guy friends and I actually used to hang out with them, used to hit them, touch them … Continue reading can’t it be SORTED????