Rant: Judging an Overweight Human

We live in a society wherein an overweight person is judged way too easily and more often than an average sized person. We do not think twice before making fun of an overweight person. We think it is our birth right to comment on their body and give them tips to lose weight. We also … Continue reading Rant: Judging an Overweight Human

All about the weight |A to Z Challenge – Day 1

Day 1 | Letter: A “Aren’t you too fat for a girl who is just 28?” People asked Maya this question, every time they saw her. Maya wasn’t the happiest soul on the planet, but one thing she didn’t care about was her weight, unless someone else commented on it. A guy, she had a crush on … Continue reading All about the weight |A to Z Challenge – Day 1

Obesity: The Reality

I am not ashamed of my body. Period! I am concerned about my health. At the moment, I am a disease magnet. I guess if I don't control my diet, I will be diabetic like my whole family. My family has gifted me ‘High Blood Pressure’ and maybe Diabetes too. Thankfully, diabetes has not been … Continue reading Obesity: The Reality

Size Matters?

Does being fat make you unwanted? Does size really matter? I am not a very cultured girl, when it comes to facts and equality. I can abruptly stop a conversation if the conversation is not meant to be. Regular readers and closed one’s reading this might know that I have a darling figure. Only if … Continue reading Size Matters?

I am Sexy and I Know it!

  “Anything under size five isn't a woman. It's a boy with breasts.” ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Obsidian Butterfly   You talk behind my back and I take that as a compliment. And trust me I really do. Though at times I am hurt but again I laugh it out and then think, “Baby, it … Continue reading I am Sexy and I Know it!

Being Sizeist…

India, a land where beauty isn’t outside but inside…? Well gone are those days where Dads married Moms just because they had a good heart not because they had a good body! India is a land where you will find 50% of the human beings who wear L, XL or XXL clothes but 50% of … Continue reading Being Sizeist…

Expectations from Fat People

  One needs to have the balls to survive in the Indian Society if they are fat. Some people look at fat people as if they are the rarest of species. I am a Sizeist. I judge thin people like they judge me. I believe in Tit for Tat, and I do it most of … Continue reading Expectations from Fat People

Good Boys and Bad Girls…

Are guys really more sentimental than girls? Naah… now-a-days if you go to see the trend, a girl would say: “Casual Relationship.” While a guy would say: “Serious Relationship” what do you think leads to this? Is it that the guys have become more emo than the girls??? Or has the girls changed themselves completely… … Continue reading Good Boys and Bad Girls…