Secrets that people with Depression keep from their Friends

Living with depression is not as easy as we think it is. In India, depression is not something people talk about. It, like every other psychological disorder is treated and talked about in a closed room and a hushed voice. Depression is not something that can be easily diagnosed. There are symptoms but seeking professional … Continue reading Secrets that people with Depression keep from their Friends


Monsoon In Mumbai: Yayy or Nay?

“Mumbai transforms to a different city when monsoon arrives. The hot and humid city suddenly becomes the most beautiful place in the world.” I have heard half the crowd in my office say this. I can’t agree less, but I don't agree completely. The South Mumbai, where the ocean is, becomes serene. That place is … Continue reading Monsoon In Mumbai: Yayy or Nay?

Chapter 29 | Vacation Goals

It was her second morning in Goa. Maya woke up to room service whom she had informed a night before to wake her up at 8 in the morning. She thanked the room service guy and locked the door. She stood at the balcony and took in the Goa beach breeze. She felt a lot … Continue reading Chapter 29 | Vacation Goals

Marital Rape: Short Story

SERIOUS PLEA: Honestly, read it only if you have time. Read it till the end, people! “Hello” said Maya on the phone. “How are you?” replied her mother. Maya wiped her tears and said, “Yeah Ma, I am fine. How are you?” “I am fine. Are you planning to come to Mumbai this month?” replied … Continue reading Marital Rape: Short Story

Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Did you ever go to a job interview through consultancy services? Have I ever? Always! I started off my career working as a job consultant. The job profile was pretty simple – Call and arrange people for interviews. Sounds easy? It wasn’t. Not a lot of people back then were looking for BPO jobs as … Continue reading Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

I received the copy of this book from the author Sanjeev Ranjan, for an honest review. Hence, my review is completely unbiased and honest. My first impression of the name of the book and book cover was pretty amazing as I expected a lot of romance from this book. I loved the colors used in … Continue reading Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

Har Har Mahadev

"A man becomes a Mahadev, only when he fights for good. A Mahadev is not born from his mother's womb. He is forged in the heat of battle, when he wages a war to destroy evil. Har Har Mahadev - All of us are Mahadev." — Amish Tripathi The Lost Soul aka my BFF asked … Continue reading Har Har Mahadev

Chapter 25 |  Soul Mate and Chai

Maya was shocked and delighted to see Shyama. Not her twin sister but her soul mate. Shyama and Maya were best friends for years, but time took them apart. At the lobby, Shyama was standing with her luggage wearing a black shirt and jeans and an army patched jacket. Maya and Shyama hugged each other … Continue reading Chapter 25 |  Soul Mate and Chai

Track Tales: Chapter One

Introduction to this series is available HERE. Friday morning is one of the most loved days by the local commuters. The compartment was getting crowded with every minute. Ladies were talking with the other ladies. Some were claiming seats, while some were playing Candy crush on their phones. A few women on the door were … Continue reading Track Tales: Chapter One

Tea Lovers: Perfect Gifting Options

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 20: T Theme: Relationship Summary: 9 Gifts that every Tea Lover would love. Tea lovers are a special kind of people. They are the one who love tea at the oddest hours. I am one of them and trust me the below … Continue reading Tea Lovers: Perfect Gifting Options

Just In Time

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 10 : J Theme: Relationship Summary: A Short story yet again of Maya and how she did something that will make her proud always. Maya was nervous. There were butterflies in her tummy doing somersaults. She got another text – ‘We will meet … Continue reading Just In Time

I am in Love…

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 9: I Theme: Relationship Summary: A very-very-very short story/conversation between a daughter and mother. It’s all about Love. “I am in love...” Maya told to her mother. Her mother was very happy to know that Maya was in love. Maya’s mother had … Continue reading I am in Love…

Everything About My Love Life

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 5: E Theme: Relationship Summary: This post has some intimate details. It’s a personal blog post and completely suits my Theme. ((Wink, Wink)) I had three topics in mind while deciding for the Day 5 of A to Z Challenge, however, I … Continue reading Everything About My Love Life

Random Little Rant

We are called 'social' animals for a reason. We human beings tend to fall in love, hate someone, spend our time crying and laughing. There are so many emotions that we have. The strongest emotion is LOVE.

Summer/Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

Cleaning out my wardrobe is something I try avoiding every now and then.  But this Spring I decided to clean up my entire wardrobe and follow the minimalism system. I have decided this year to keep clothes and essentials that I WILL DEFINITELY wear or use this season. The rest of them had to be … Continue reading Summer/Spring Wardrobe Cleaning

3 Things To Avoid When BFF Is Annoyed

We all have been in one of those moments where we have had a rift with our friends or best friends. I am sure it happens to everyone and most of us have been through it. I am not one of those people who talk after a fight. Most of the times, when I fight … Continue reading 3 Things To Avoid When BFF Is Annoyed

7 Must Watch Videos of Superwoman

IISuperwomanII needs no introduction. Most of the people know her as ‘That Brown Girl on YouTube’, while for all the other fans out there she is the Mayor of Unicorn Island. Lilly Singh started making YouTube Videos as she was going through depression. Her attempt to make people laugh didn’t go at waste at all. … Continue reading 7 Must Watch Videos of Superwoman

5 Worst First Date Ideas

  We all have the ‘first date’ jitters and we expect it to be extra perfect. Every person has different expectations from their First Date. Someone like me would love to go to a book exhibition for my first date, while someone would love a beach set up. However, there is a notion set about … Continue reading 5 Worst First Date Ideas

20 Shades of Chaotic Soul

How funny is it to write down things about you or an entity of yours. Chaotic Soul has been mine for over 3 years now and it is the best thing that has happened to me.  Several people have come and gone, but Chaotic Soul has always been with me. At times, people ask me … Continue reading 20 Shades of Chaotic Soul

Dear Future Husband

A letter to the future husband from a blogger. Full of love and genuine wishes.