The Indian Matchmaking

I watched the dreadful show on Netflix called Indian Matchmaking. It made me roll my eyes and grunt more than usual. I had a disgust look most of the time while watching the show except for Vyasar Ganesan. He took my heart away. The show depicts the harsh truth of Indian communities of arrange marriages. … Continue reading The Indian Matchmaking

Marital Rape: Short Story

SERIOUS PLEA: Honestly, read it only if you have time. Read it till the end, people! “Hello” said Maya on the phone. “How are you?” replied her mother. Maya wiped her tears and said, “Yeah Ma, I am fine. How are you?” “I am fine. Are you planning to come to Mumbai this month?” replied … Continue reading Marital Rape: Short Story

I am in Love…

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 9: I Theme: Relationship Summary: A very-very-very short story/conversation between a daughter and mother. It’s all about Love. “I am in love...” Maya told to her mother. Her mother was very happy to know that Maya was in love. Maya’s mother had … Continue reading I am in Love…

Dear Future Husband

A letter to the future husband from a blogger. Full of love and genuine wishes.

I am getting married!

This post is not going to be a well drafted blog post and that’s why it is not as per the schedule. This is a very personal post and I want to share it with all of you, first. I have given it a lot of thought and finally decided to get married to someone … Continue reading I am getting married!

Why should boys have all the fun???

Disclaimer: This post is very close to my heart. I have felt it and gone through it and every single word in this post is nothing but out of my heart and brain. Also, this post might hit the right spots for many, doesn’t mean that you’ll just move out of your relationship and say: … Continue reading Why should boys have all the fun???

7 Reasons why Live-in is better than Marriage

Many people ask me a question, “Are you already married to the guy you are dating?” first of all, just because I have my relationship status as ‘Unavailable’ doesn’t mean I am marrying my boyfriend. I have a boyfriend and dating doesn’t mean marriage, does it? There’s a possibility that many people date a certain … Continue reading 7 Reasons why Live-in is better than Marriage

Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

A reader (vrittikhawani) sent me an email to write on how to be happy instantly after sadness? I am the saddest person in this world.  If you are looking for ‘Being Sad’ on Google, it might show me in the search (Over Exaggerating). I am the kind who wants things to go in a proper … Continue reading Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

Have you ever been in a situation where you think of all the wrong decisions you have take in your life and imagined your life much better than it is now? Have you ever thought yourself five years from now and seen yourself in your old jeans and old dresses and how you fit well … Continue reading 7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Hello Guys! So after a week spent in the amazing climate of Indore I was back in the humid climate of Mumbai which was quite disturbing for me. It was a nice trip. I realized that Indore has more of food than things. There was hardly any shopping. And for the Giveaway, there was absolutely … Continue reading First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

Yayyy Ladies! We all know what’s heading up this Sunday…! Yes it is another day for us! We have all the rights to be pampered on this day. We deserve at least a rose from our close one’s on this day. If nothing, we deserve a much awaited gift for ourselves. So I am doing … Continue reading Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

Career??? Marriage??? Family???

Even though your family knows that you are in a serious relationship, they keep forcing you to meet suitable prospects for marriage… where does this happens? Well not sure where all in India this happens, but it definitely happens at my house. For people who haven’t caught up on the recent updates on my life. … Continue reading Career??? Marriage??? Family???

Another Facet of A Break Up!

I got a comment on THIS blog post from a school friend who mentioned about this Facet of break up: “You could be the one breaking up... But not because he cheated on you or something, it could be because you just don’t feel the spark anymore... Or you’ve realized after spending a long time … Continue reading Another Facet of A Break Up!

Lust List: Wedding Desires

As a child I wanted to be a bride and that was my only dream. Later as I grew older I realized marriage and me are poles apart. But there is something about weddings that makes you go crazy. I would love to get married only for the pre and post wedding rituals, lehengas, saris, … Continue reading Lust List: Wedding Desires

Is there a Time to fall in love?

I had a crisp discussion with my mom half an hour ago. We were discussing about 'Time to Fall in Love'. We – mother & daughter love discussing about topics and then have a small argument and then get on with our lives (she goes to work while I enjoy my morning sleep). We usually … Continue reading Is there a Time to fall in love?

‘Haste makes Waste’ – Arranged Marriage Dilemma

Meeting new people and learning new things isn’t something I have always been doing. But lately, after I have involved myself a bit too much on my blog I have added blogger friends and I have exchanged numbers with a few. It's good to discuss things that motivates you and fascinates. I have been on … Continue reading ‘Haste makes Waste’ – Arranged Marriage Dilemma

The story of someone

He was about to reach home by 12 in the night but he was stuck in the office. He tried calling his mom, but she didn’t pick the phone up. Next morning, when he reached home, his mom was awake and worried. After a lot of explanation to her she finally was convinced and hugged … Continue reading The story of someone

What I Expect From my GUY!?!

  There is a hype over  Facebook and Real Life where people are getting into relationships and commitments and also a casual relationship. My friend is in a relationship which is a strange one – they both have cleared out the fact that they won’t get married but are in a serious relationship. A small … Continue reading What I Expect From my GUY!?!

Marriage Again it is…

Marriage again it is! Why is marrying the RIGHT person so important in life! I am just an average student who is striving hard to earn a living and complete my masters. At this stage marriage is more or less like an emotional bond. My maternal aunts are searching for a nice Bengali Brahmin guy … Continue reading Marriage Again it is…

7 Reasons to Say No to Marriage

Really found this funny and interesting prompt… this is something that I would really love writing on… “07 reasons to turn down a marriage proposal” (this can be said by a girl to the prospect) At the age of 21 a Bengali middle class family girl has to jot down a list of reasons to … Continue reading 7 Reasons to Say No to Marriage