Therapeutic Ranting Session

Feeling miserable in a relationship because of external reasons can be one of the worse thing. Let that relationship be anything from parents to best friends. When external reasons or new relationships start hampering your years of companionship, it is time to take a step back and let it sink in. It is not easy … Continue reading Therapeutic Ranting Session

The Opinionated Girl

If you felt The Indian Matchmaking was a little too harsh on Aparna, let me give you a reality check – Indian men and families would seldom like someone as opinionated as her. People who’ve not watched the Indian Matchmaking show on Netflix, I’d recommend you guys not to but there’s a character in there … Continue reading The Opinionated Girl

Shhh! Don’t say Depression

I was told by a lot of people to not discuss about my mental health on Social Media. Here’s my take on it: 1. It may look too desperate: It is desperate. Sometimes a post like this is a cry for help. We judge now and later post things like ‘Why didn’t he/she talk to … Continue reading Shhh! Don’t say Depression

There’s always a story

As a kid, I was told, “You’re too quiet and a cry baby.” As a teen, I was told, “You’re too mature for your age.” I nodded with a smile. As an adult, I was told, “You are very arrogant, lazy and have an attitude problem.” As a 30 year old, all I’d like to … Continue reading There’s always a story

Reasons not responsible for my depression

A fat person call themselves fat but takes an offence when the world points it out. Don't take an offence to this statement, I'm a fat person and I can use the 'term - fat' to my convenience. Likewise a depressed person can call themselves depressed but if someone else points it out we retaliate, … Continue reading Reasons not responsible for my depression

First Step towards my Mental Health

There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds. Laurell K. HamiltonIt wasn't until two years ago that I self diagnosed myself as 'Depressed', not because it was cool and in trend at the time, because I read too many articles and completely related to … Continue reading First Step towards my Mental Health

Secrets that people with Depression keep from their Friends

Living with depression is not as easy as we think it is. In India, depression is not something people talk about. It, like every other psychological disorder is treated and talked about in a closed room and a hushed voice. Depression is not something that can be easily diagnosed. There are symptoms but seeking professional … Continue reading Secrets that people with Depression keep from their Friends

String of Random Words

Grief! Sorrow! Misery! Words like these are underrated to explain a mother’s pain that has lost her kid. A mother who loses her child is going through a lot of pain that cannot be explained to anyone. If anyone could understand her sorrow, it would be her inner self. A mother nurtures the kid when … Continue reading String of Random Words

Another Facet of A Break Up!

I got a comment on THIS blog post from a school friend who mentioned about this Facet of break up: “You could be the one breaking up... But not because he cheated on you or something, it could be because you just don’t feel the spark anymore... Or you’ve realized after spending a long time … Continue reading Another Facet of A Break Up!

Sweating over Unworthy Stuff!

  I am so sure that the glow from my face is fading away due to the facts that I often worry about small and unworthy things in life that wouldn’t affect my life to the least. With life moving forward I also realize that sweating over such petty things is doing nothing good to … Continue reading Sweating over Unworthy Stuff!

Unwanted post for unwanted people!

You know what is irritating at times? It is when you have that perfect person in your life who loves to rule your life. The person who thinks that you can’t run your own life but it’s they who know better about you. And mind you this person isn’t your RELATIVE, PARENTS or BFFS. As … Continue reading Unwanted post for unwanted people!

How to Get over your Ex-Lover!

  Few days back I saw a dream that I am making love to Bradley Cooper. Yeah it was hot and steamy and so real. It is simply normal for me to see such dreams with super hot men. Well I thought the dream would bring some good news, if not Bradley then something near … Continue reading How to Get over your Ex-Lover!

It’s all about Eating…

  “What is it that a thin person can do and I can’t? Run? Work Out? Be Active? Well, it’s not that I CAN’T do all these; it’s just that I DON’T want to do it.” -Ashmita Chatterjee   A guy at work keeps telling me, “Sweets are not good for you. The more you … Continue reading It’s all about Eating…

Year Ending Diary: Resolutions I Broke

      I am just like most of the people out there who tend to never complete their New Year’s Resolution. Like every year, I had made a set of 2012 New Year Resolution at the beginning of this year. I am very bad at keeping promises to myself. I usually keep the promises … Continue reading Year Ending Diary: Resolutions I Broke

Confession: I am an Emotional Eater

Okay, so I am foodies, which is good but what a disaster is, I am an Emotional Eater and a Sleeper (I wonder if the sleeper is a right word for someone who sleeps all day or ‘can’ sleep all day. Who cares, you get the emotion in it). Food is the love of my … Continue reading Confession: I am an Emotional Eater

Casual Relationship: is it a YES or a NO???

I had never given a thought to CASUAL RELATIONSHIPS… well casual relationships are something that is not as serious as a SERIOUS RELATIONSHIPS and not as free as an OPEN RELATIONSHIPS… being in a casual relationship is ok but a conformity is necessary… when I say conformity I mean the partners should know that they … Continue reading Casual Relationship: is it a YES or a NO???