4 Mean Things said by my Mom

A mother and daughter relationship is indeed a very special one. As a kid, my mother loved dressing me up and clicking my pictures. Now that I'm all grown up, we have a very different relationship. I am her best friend. She loves talking to me and so do I. She is my gossip partner … Continue reading 4 Mean Things said by my Mom


String of Random Words

Grief! Sorrow! Misery! Words like these are underrated to explain a mother’s pain that has lost her kid. A mother who loses her child is going through a lot of pain that cannot be explained to anyone. If anyone could understand her sorrow, it would be her inner self. A mother nurtures the kid when … Continue reading String of Random Words

Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

Day 13 | Letter: M An Ode to all the Mothers, especially the Single Moms:   Being strong has become a duty for her And maybe that’s why she is called a Mother, She forgot who she was Instead became the lady boss.     She studied three times in her life, Once for herself … Continue reading Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

I am in Love…

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 9: I Theme: Relationship Summary: A very-very-very short story/conversation between a daughter and mother. It’s all about Love. “I am in love...” Maya told to her mother. Her mother was very happy to know that Maya was in love. Maya’s mother had … Continue reading I am in Love…

7 ways to deal with a Fight

Life is a very interesting game. Things happen unknowingly.  One moment things go as you wanted it to be, the next moment,  it’s all haywire.  Maybe,  that’s why they say life is made up of ups and downs.  We fight with too many people in a day,  right?  I do.  And the maximum number of … Continue reading 7 ways to deal with a Fight

Post Two: Women’s Day Series | Mummy

This is the second post in the series - 'Women’s Day Series' for this Women’s Day. If you'll haven't read the first one. Please read it here. Mostly every person I know has this love-hate relationship with their moms. A mother is the first teacher we have, the first friend, the first person to tell us, … Continue reading Post Two: Women’s Day Series | Mummy

‘I Shouldn’t Have…’

  “I shouldn’t have…” – I feel this is the worst statement someone can ever say. Regretting what you’ve already done is pathetic. It is bad as it gives us one of those unnecessary headaches. There are few things that I feel – I shouldn’t have… but how does it feel when you say this … Continue reading ‘I Shouldn’t Have…’

Is there a Time to fall in love?

I had a crisp discussion with my mom half an hour ago. We were discussing about 'Time to Fall in Love'. We – mother & daughter love discussing about topics and then have a small argument and then get on with our lives (she goes to work while I enjoy my morning sleep). We usually … Continue reading Is there a Time to fall in love?

‘Haste makes Waste’ – Arranged Marriage Dilemma

Meeting new people and learning new things isn’t something I have always been doing. But lately, after I have involved myself a bit too much on my blog I have added blogger friends and I have exchanged numbers with a few. It's good to discuss things that motivates you and fascinates. I have been on … Continue reading ‘Haste makes Waste’ – Arranged Marriage Dilemma

The story of someone

He was about to reach home by 12 in the night but he was stuck in the office. He tried calling his mom, but she didn’t pick the phone up. Next morning, when he reached home, his mom was awake and worried. After a lot of explanation to her she finally was convinced and hugged … Continue reading The story of someone

‘Chaotic Soul’ interviewing Mommmy…

It's seven in the morning and I am up again to write something. I slept for some two hours, I guess and I woke up with some scary dream. This one was unusual. I really am eager to meet someone who KNOWS what dreams are all about. I am not going to say here what … Continue reading ‘Chaotic Soul’ interviewing Mommmy…

Father’s Day: Celebration For All?

Today I am writing a short story which is not supposed to judge. It is not the best write-up from me, maybe. This story might also make you hate the main female character. This story can make you cry. This story is the Father’s Day special by me. It is not special for many out … Continue reading Father’s Day: Celebration For All?

A day in the life of a Blogger and Corporate Slave

Stressing but Fun! That’s how I can sum up my life in three words. Working on a full time profile that has only night shifts can be exhausting. Trust me it isn’t an easy job. Arranging the documents and calling the clients for more information can be taxing. Plus, being a blogger and content for … Continue reading A day in the life of a Blogger and Corporate Slave

Shhh… It’s a Silent Day!

At times it's more than people blaming you, it's you who think that people are blaming you. “Come-on! Get over the self-obsession Mita”, this is what I tell myself when this happens. Rightly said by someone close to me, ‘the more you think of the worse, the more more worse would happen to you.’ don’t … Continue reading Shhh… It’s a Silent Day!

Just another post!

How does it feel when someone calls you with some other name? How does it feel when someone compares you to someone else? How does it feel?   Some might be happy if they are compared to someone famous or like their moms or dads or their favorite football player! But there are some WEIRD … Continue reading Just another post!


It feels good when someone pays for you, but the REAL INDIAN WORKING INDEPENDENT WOMAN would love to pay for herself… some men call such woman egoist… but rather it’s just the same feeling that the guys get while paying. An independent working woman would want to pay her own bill… she would hate when … Continue reading REAL INDIAN WORKING ‘INDEPENDENT’ WOMAN

Relationship MIXER!!!

  So what to write today? A good question, isn’t it? Lately, I have realized that mixing up relations is the worst experiment ever. A brother if stays a brother than better and a sister stays sister than better. Well I know the line is a bit confusing, it’s just that by mixing relations your … Continue reading Relationship MIXER!!!

21 is just the start folks!!!

A graduate now and I am already working… life looks so good when I am sitting in front of the computer writing blogs and surfing Google so as to see better options for my further studies… I had told my mom very clearly that I need my life till the age of 27… the moment … Continue reading 21 is just the start folks!!!