Depression is Real

Last few weeks, rather months have been really tough for the citizens of the globe. Pandemic, cyclone, unemployment etc. has taken a toll on a lot of lives. I sympathize with everyone who are suffering and kudos to all those who are striving hard to overcome this. One of the news on the suicide investigation … Continue reading Depression is Real

Confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai

I am very proud of my heritage. This post is a personal confession of a Bengali girl (that’s me) who is not from West Bengal. It shouldn’t and will not relate to every other person. Being a Bengali is a proud thing. Every person is proud of their roots and their culture. When it comes … Continue reading Confession of a Bengali girl from Mumbai

10 things you probably don’t know about me

I blog about my personal life, as if no one is reading them. I am well aware that a huge chunk of you already know about my love life (non-existent), family life (too existent) and the fact that I have a super small circle of friend (note down the singular used here, it isn’t a … Continue reading 10 things you probably don’t know about me

Monsoon In Mumbai: Yayy or Nay?

“Mumbai transforms to a different city when monsoon arrives. The hot and humid city suddenly becomes the most beautiful place in the world.” I have heard half the crowd in my office say this. I can’t agree less, but I don't agree completely. The South Mumbai, where the ocean is, becomes serene. That place is … Continue reading Monsoon In Mumbai: Yayy or Nay?

Chapter 28 |  Traveling is Liberty

Maya took her phone out and checked the next flight to India. She realized the immediate flight in the next 6 hours is the one flying to Mumbai. Maya booked her ticket and went to Shiv’s room. She knocked the door twice. Shiv opened the door and went back to sleep. Maya was hurt with … Continue reading Chapter 28 |  Traveling is Liberty

Simply Random

They say, ‘Till death do us apart...’ and get divorced. That’s marriage of today! Very few marriages in our society are successful – some are not broken but not strong either. However, friendship most of the time is stronger, deeper and REAL. I am a person who believes in fewer accomplishments. And with that said, … Continue reading Simply Random

Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Did you ever go to a job interview through consultancy services? Have I ever? Always! I started off my career working as a job consultant. The job profile was pretty simple – Call and arrange people for interviews. Sounds easy? It wasn’t. Not a lot of people back then were looking for BPO jobs as … Continue reading Annoying Things That Recruiters Do

Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

I received the copy of this book from the author Sanjeev Ranjan, for an honest review. Hence, my review is completely unbiased and honest. My first impression of the name of the book and book cover was pretty amazing as I expected a lot of romance from this book. I loved the colors used in … Continue reading Book Review: Just The Way You Are | Sanjeev Ranjan

Chapter 25 |  Soul Mate and Chai

Maya was shocked and delighted to see Shyama. Not her twin sister but her soul mate. Shyama and Maya were best friends for years, but time took them apart. At the lobby, Shyama was standing with her luggage wearing a black shirt and jeans and an army patched jacket. Maya and Shyama hugged each other … Continue reading Chapter 25 |  Soul Mate and Chai

Chapter 24 | Bon Voyage

From a week to New York, there were only hours remaining. Maya and Shiv were packed for their first International Trip as a couple. Shiv was checking the luggage and all the essential documents before their cab arrived, while Maya was making sure they have taken all the chargers for their laptops and mobile. Shiv’s … Continue reading Chapter 24 | Bon Voyage

Year Ending Post: Post Break up!

Who doesn’t like falling in love? I used to be one of those types who hated men and was a sexist. I believed that any relationship that has a man in it, FAILS! Then I met someone very special, he wooed me and swept me off my feet and I had my first kiss. It … Continue reading Year Ending Post: Post Break up!

Track Tales: Chapter One

Introduction to this series is available HERE. Friday morning is one of the most loved days by the local commuters. The compartment was getting crowded with every minute. Ladies were talking with the other ladies. Some were claiming seats, while some were playing Candy crush on their phones. A few women on the door were … Continue reading Track Tales: Chapter One

Track Tales

Track Tales is a new series by Chaoticsoulzzz. This series will be having 10 short stories of 10 different women.

Tea Lovers: Perfect Gifting Options

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 20: T Theme: Relationship Summary: 9 Gifts that every Tea Lover would love. Tea lovers are a special kind of people. They are the one who love tea at the oddest hours. I am one of them and trust me the below … Continue reading Tea Lovers: Perfect Gifting Options

Chapter 18 | The Day Someone New Came

  Disclaimer Maya woke up next to Shiv. She looked at him and smiled. She then recollected the episode from the last night and the night before that. Maya was relieved that Shiv now knows about Vishal and she has nothing to hide about. Maya was sitting in her living room with her cup of … Continue reading Chapter 18 | The Day Someone New Came

Once Upon A Time!

Maya was stranded on a station and looked around as she didn't understand anything.  She was devastated and hence ran away from her house.  But now she was lost.  On the other hand,  there was Shyama who was sitting on the bench outside the station,  waiting for her boyfriend.  She kept calling him,  but he … Continue reading Once Upon A Time!

Just In Time

Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 10 : J Theme: Relationship Summary: A Short story yet again of Maya and how she did something that will make her proud always. Maya was nervous. There were butterflies in her tummy doing somersaults. She got another text – ‘We will meet … Continue reading Just In Time

Chapter 17 | The Day She Was Unsure

Disclaimer Maya woke up to an empty room and wondered if Shiv had been there at all. She looked around and found a note. It was by Shiv. It said, ‘We have to buy a ring for me. You remember? Call me when you’re up.’ Maya had a relieved smile on her face. She took … Continue reading Chapter 17 | The Day She Was Unsure


Hello All, Welcome to my A to Z April Challenge, 2016 – Day 8: H Theme: Relationship Summary: This is a story of Soham and Maya - A story of two lovers that includes cheating, break-ups, grass and other heart breaking things. Not all love stories have a happy ending, does it? I’m drunk, I … Continue reading His-Story!

Chapter 16 | The Day He Came Back

Disclaimer Maya couldn’t concentrate much at the seminar and the morning make out session was still on her mind. Maya was sitting with Blake and Shubhro today. The two boys started getting around quite well. Shubhro noticed the glow in Maya’s face and made a comment on that at the start of the day. The … Continue reading Chapter 16 | The Day He Came Back