Selectively Social

Being anti-social is a thing. A person who is anti-social, doesn’t dislike people who are social, they just find it weird to do it themselves. I am an anti-social being and I am very vocal about the fact that I don't like the company of living beings. That being said, it is not that I... Continue Reading →


Why should boys have all the fun???

Disclaimer: This post is very close to my heart. I have felt it and gone through it and every single word in this post is nothing but out of my heart and brain. Also, this post might hit the right spots for many, doesn’t mean that you’ll just move out of your relationship and say:... Continue Reading →

Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

A reader (vrittikhawani) sent me an email to write on how to be happy instantly after sadness? I am the saddest person in this world.  If you are looking for ‘Being Sad’ on Google, it might show me in the search (Over Exaggerating). I am the kind who wants things to go in a proper... Continue Reading →

7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

Have you ever been in a situation where you think of all the wrong decisions you have take in your life and imagined your life much better than it is now? Have you ever thought yourself five years from now and seen yourself in your old jeans and old dresses and how you fit well... Continue Reading →

First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Hello Guys! So after a week spent in the amazing climate of Indore I was back in the humid climate of Mumbai which was quite disturbing for me. It was a nice trip. I realized that Indore has more of food than things. There was hardly any shopping. And for the Giveaway, there was absolutely... Continue Reading →

Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

Yayyy Ladies! We all know what’s heading up this Sunday…! Yes it is another day for us! We have all the rights to be pampered on this day. We deserve at least a rose from our close one’s on this day. If nothing, we deserve a much awaited gift for ourselves. So I am doing... Continue Reading →

Year Ending Diary: Why older men are attractive?

I have always been encountered with a question, “Why do women always like older men?” All I always said was, “’Cuz they’re smarter and well matured than a boy who is of my age.” Now I wonder “Why do Men always like older women?” This trend has hit recently and men are coming out with... Continue Reading →

Feminist Being Judge-MEN-tal…

Size matters? Well it matters for girls as well as for boys. That I what the society thinks. Does it really??? Actually it is that half the world is behind the SLIM SIZE thingy. Girls want to achieve it because the guys want them to. This world is a very twisted place to live in.... Continue Reading →

Story of a Break-Up!

It was 5 in the evening when she was waiting for that one message where she would meet her boyfriend after a year’s time. She had decided what to wear, how to tie her hair, what perfume to wear and what accessories to put on. She looked at the watch and wondered if they will... Continue Reading →

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