Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13

Day 13 | Letter: M An Ode to all the Mothers, especially the Single Moms:   Being strong has become a duty for her And maybe that’s why she is called a Mother, She forgot who she was Instead became the lady boss.     She studied three times in her life, Once for herself … Continue reading Maa #AtoZChallenge Day 13


Why should boys have all the fun???

Disclaimer: This post is very close to my heart. I have felt it and gone through it and every single word in this post is nothing but out of my heart and brain. Also, this post might hit the right spots for many, doesn’t mean that you’ll just move out of your relationship and say: … Continue reading Why should boys have all the fun???

Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

A reader (vrittikhawani) sent me an email to write on how to be happy instantly after sadness? I am the saddest person in this world.  If you are looking for ‘Being Sad’ on Google, it might show me in the search (Over Exaggerating). I am the kind who wants things to go in a proper … Continue reading Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

Have you ever been in a situation where you think of all the wrong decisions you have take in your life and imagined your life much better than it is now? Have you ever thought yourself five years from now and seen yourself in your old jeans and old dresses and how you fit well … Continue reading 7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Hello Guys! So after a week spent in the amazing climate of Indore I was back in the humid climate of Mumbai which was quite disturbing for me. It was a nice trip. I realized that Indore has more of food than things. There was hardly any shopping. And for the Giveaway, there was absolutely … Continue reading First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

Yayyy Ladies! We all know what’s heading up this Sunday…! Yes it is another day for us! We have all the rights to be pampered on this day. We deserve at least a rose from our close one’s on this day. If nothing, we deserve a much awaited gift for ourselves. So I am doing … Continue reading Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

Year Ending Diary: How to avoid… falling in love?

If you are reading this and are really my type who falls in love in and out, quite often, you must certainly stick around on your chair or your couch and read it through. I might have written ample of blog posts on L-O-V-E, but is it really what attracts me? Yes it does. I … Continue reading Year Ending Diary: How to avoid… falling in love?

Happily ever After…???

I always was intrigued about the term ‘Happily Ever After’. I am an undoubtedly big fan of pathetic romantic movies where a cute looking hero would fall in love with a beautiful looking girl, fight through all the odds and finally get married with a nice song played at the last. I really love that … Continue reading Happily ever After…???

Valentine Day wishes!

It is the Valentine’s week and one post for the occasion was a must. I am a bit occupied with my Android and hence don’t have the time to sit on the PC to type something. By the way, the entire week there was no work and completely boring.   Love!!! Not many are lucky … Continue reading Valentine Day wishes!

Love once, twice, thrice…

“I’ve gone for each type: the rough guy; the nerdy guy, sweet, lovable guy; and the slick guy. I don’t really have a type. Men in general are a good thing.” -Jennifer Aniston     The FRIENDS’ Rachel has so brilliantly quoted this. As a matter of fact I can relate to this completely. Men … Continue reading Love once, twice, thrice…

Already a mother of Two; In her Dream City

Is it difficult to be a mother to someone at an age of 24? Maybe it is. But is it possible to be a mother of two children from your boyfriend’s past? Is that a baggage to be considered or a blessing? Would the mother be all good for those children? Has the guy bought … Continue reading Already a mother of Two; In her Dream City

Walking down the memory lane…

As girls or women, whom are we attracted to the most? Most of us are attracted to Bad Boys. Very few of us get attracted to that Geek in the class on the first bench. All we like is the one who bunks the lectures and sits outside the college, with a cigarette in his … Continue reading Walking down the memory lane…

That OLD White T-shirt… Remember?

Sunday was a cleaning day at my place. My mom was standing on my head ( not literally) to clean my cupboard and take off the clothes that I don’t wear. I actually feel bad while removing my old clothes, I love to keep them all. Some years ago, I had a white T-shirt that … Continue reading That OLD White T-shirt… Remember?

…in love – AGAIN!

‘Love can happen only once’, is a myth. It happens more than once. No doubt that people call such people Flirt or Characterless or with much worse terms. But this is the truth. The other day, over breakfast me and my mom was having this conversation about Love. Needless to say that I was against … Continue reading …in love – AGAIN!

Crush, Attraction, Love – whatever!

Today I was talking to a colleague in the company’s transport, and she told me that it's difficult to forget your first love! I agreed with her. She then asked me if I have ever been in love. I told her the truth. I then told her, “never been in love but had many crushes’ … Continue reading Crush, Attraction, Love – whatever!

Beauty with Brains: The Modern Indian Women

It is certainly not about which brand she is wearing or what make up she is using. It is also not about how many degrees she holds from the top most universities. It’s not about her profession, not about her character. It is simply about HER! It’s about the struggle in her mind. It’s about … Continue reading Beauty with Brains: The Modern Indian Women


Recently with the help of Shrabani I got a new channel on my TV – Comedy Central! The channel as the name says has only comedy shows. From ‘That 70s Show’ to Seinfeld and now the new show on the channel, which is not NEW actually but in India, yeah it is new – Awkward … Continue reading BREAKING NEWS: We’re not really INVISIBLE!

The Ongoing in a Writer’s Mind

Difficult was it to turn on the lights, People would have seen the sadness in her eyes. She tried to fight herself out of it, But all she could do was question her wit. - Was she so vulnerable after all? All she could do is, write on her Facebook wall. Some read it, some … Continue reading The Ongoing in a Writer’s Mind

Yes I am a HARD TEN!

Yes I am a HARD TEN!   You guys must be thinking what’s going on with me? Well just scoring myself out of TEN! Yeah every one of us must’ve scored some cute guy on the road or some hot chick in the coffee shop. We have also scored ourselves. And we are too honest … Continue reading Yes I am a HARD TEN!

Your Call: What’s Better?

What’s better? Not seeing the guy you like for months or seeing the guy you like everyday but with his WIFE or LOVER?  Ahh!!! It’s better to be away from the guy for months and years than seeing him with someone else. One of my friends is in this mode at the moment! I can’t … Continue reading Your Call: What’s Better?