Rants & Updates!

Last year at around this time, I had made a vision board. I was feeling positive, creative and crafty back then. After exactly one year post that episode, I feel completed broken, negative and creativity has left my body. This entire thing is very suffocating. It is like I want to talk, but there’s no... Continue Reading →


Life Update Part 1

Hey Peeps, I had decided to write 3 posts,  a week.  However,  I took up a day job.  This means I am spending almost 16 hours at work and travelling.  This takes a lot of my time and by the time I come home,  I am exhausted and the entire energy is drained out of... Continue Reading →


You know how difficult it is to survive on a corporate world with no Work...??? 1. First of all you need to see to it that your manager or TL doesnt notice you wandering around here and there. 2. It is also so difficult to not come on the eyes of your manager while you... Continue Reading →

Beauty with Brains: The Modern Indian Women

It is certainly not about which brand she is wearing or what make up she is using. It is also not about how many degrees she holds from the top most universities. It’s not about her profession, not about her character. It is simply about HER! It’s about the struggle in her mind. It’s about... Continue Reading →

Mourning Morning!

The moment you get up in the Morning with an irritation, because people around you make noise as if there is some procession going on. You wake up with those eyebrows joined, tying your messy hair up and searching for your specs and realize the entire noise was nothing but talking of the only TWO... Continue Reading →

The Story of Life!

Basically the problem is all the unavailable men are not only attracted to me but they are themselves attractive too… not all, but yeah some are pretty hot. Unfortunately guys who are extremely hot and well-behaved are either already married or getting married by the end of this month.   Men who are single are... Continue Reading →

Just another post!

How does it feel when someone calls you with some other name? How does it feel when someone compares you to someone else? How does it feel?   Some might be happy if they are compared to someone famous or like their moms or dads or their favorite football player! But there are some WEIRD... Continue Reading →

Common Names, Leads to Stress!

I don’t know to call it fortunate or, unfortunate but most of the guys I’ve had in my life have very common names. There comes a time in your life when you know you are going to forget all the past flings, crushes or relationship and start over again, with someone who understands you or... Continue Reading →

Desperate Dumb Men: I don’t NEED you at all!

I always said, “Guys and girls can be best of friends. Look at me and Ju***d!” I used to feel proud of my friendship with him. I was in fact proud of him. But good things never last. You know how it feels when you go wrong and people give you that ‘TOLD YOU’ looks!... Continue Reading →

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