The break-up reality!

I am sure a lot of my readers have noticed that I haven’t been blogging on a regular basis. Give me a death sentence! No like seriously! I have been cheating on blogging with sleeping. This is not the first time that I have mentioned it on my blog that I have a hectic travelling... Continue Reading →


Monday Motivation: Moving On

A lot of people in this world will tell you not to cry over broken hearts and to move on. When they say so, we wonder this person who is asking me to move on is literally mocking me or doesn’t know anything about love. This person is a friend, relative, extended family, immediate family... Continue Reading →

X’s with Zero Qualities #AtoZChallenge Day 24

Day 24 | Letter: X Remember the game we played in school ‘X and Zero’? This post is nothing about it. X’s here mean people who we have dated, loved and given up our life for and zeroes mean the zero expectation we should keep from the next. I was the kind of girl who... Continue Reading →

Other Woman #AtoZChallenge Day 15

Day 15 | Letter: O People in our society have tagged and labelled a woman in many ways and the worse one is ‘The Other Woman’. Who is this other woman? When I was in a relationship and my boyfriend cheated on me (in a way), he went to another girl out of curiosity (of... Continue Reading →

Is your Relationship going through a Rough Patch?

When you are in a relationship and feel alone there could be a really coerce impact on your mind.  Most of the people do not look at the emotional pain of their partner.  If a person loves you and forgives you every time, that doesn't mean your partner is a fool, it means she loves... Continue Reading →

Things To Do When You Over Think

Recently, I have come across the ‘feeling trapped in your own thoughts’ situations a lot. The shorter term could be ‘Over thinking’. Being an expert in the area of my own mind, I know what suits me when I start over thinking and trust me I am going to cut down on the B.S. of... Continue Reading →

YouTube Channel

Hello all, Just to let all of you know that I have a YouTube channel too,  however it isn't built appropriately yet,  but yes I have it and here is the latest vlog!

7 Relationship Mistakes

Relationships are cute and keep you happy. You finally find a person whom you love and who loves you. The start of the relationship is always the best part – the honeymoon phase. Yes honeymoon without a marriage. In this phase we get a notion of how lovely this person is and we try to... Continue Reading →

Track Tales: Chapter One

Introduction to this series is available HERE. Friday morning is one of the most loved days by the local commuters. The compartment was getting crowded with every minute. Ladies were talking with the other ladies. Some were claiming seats, while some were playing Candy crush on their phones. A few women on the door were... Continue Reading →

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