7 Must-Buy Things For A New Job

Monday Mania - Feature Post

Monday's remind me of work and school and all those things people do on a normal day. Monday's are certainly one of the few things most of us detest. But is it the same when it comes to a Monday, when you have to join a new work place? A new job means a new life, … Continue reading 7 Must-Buy Things For A New Job


Why should boys have all the fun???

Disclaimer: This post is very close to my heart. I have felt it and gone through it and every single word in this post is nothing but out of my heart and brain. Also, this post might hit the right spots for many, doesn’t mean that you’ll just move out of your relationship and say: … Continue reading Why should boys have all the fun???

Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

A reader (vrittikhawani) sent me an email to write on how to be happy instantly after sadness? I am the saddest person in this world.  If you are looking for ‘Being Sad’ on Google, it might show me in the search (Over Exaggerating). I am the kind who wants things to go in a proper … Continue reading Reader’s Choice: 7 ways to become happy from being sad

7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

Have you ever been in a situation where you think of all the wrong decisions you have take in your life and imagined your life much better than it is now? Have you ever thought yourself five years from now and seen yourself in your old jeans and old dresses and how you fit well … Continue reading 7 Reasons why I can’t (don’t want to) sleep at night

7 Reasons Best Friends are better than Boyfriends

How many of you have been through a situation where your best friend and your boyfriends are two different kinds? Well I am sailing the same boat as you’ll then. I have also committed the crime of ignoring my best friend for the boy (Bad decision). I have come to a conclusion that your best … Continue reading 7 Reasons Best Friends are better than Boyfriends

First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Hello Guys! So after a week spent in the amazing climate of Indore I was back in the humid climate of Mumbai which was quite disturbing for me. It was a nice trip. I realized that Indore has more of food than things. There was hardly any shopping. And for the Giveaway, there was absolutely … Continue reading First Giveaway: Rules and Dates (CLOSED)

Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

Yayyy Ladies! We all know what’s heading up this Sunday…! Yes it is another day for us! We have all the rights to be pampered on this day. We deserve at least a rose from our close one’s on this day. If nothing, we deserve a much awaited gift for ourselves. So I am doing … Continue reading Post One: Women’s Day Series | Introduction

6 More Months to go!

End of the last year, I had written this Super Small Bucket List for 2014. I had jotted down 5 things I wish to do in the year 2014. 2014 is already 6 months old and lets see wht have I done till now and what’s pending.   1. Read at least 12 books in … Continue reading 6 More Months to go!

Time to go slow…

Is it different or no…? You feel like yelling when you can sense the same thing from the past. You feel nostalgic, when things start getting worse. At times it’s not the people to be blamed for but the inner goddess that stays in you. Doubts! Jealousy! Insecurity! These three things ruin relationships for sure. … Continue reading Time to go slow…

To a Total Stranger…

So there is this someone whom I just know by name and face. I don’t know him, but know the darkest secret of his. He isn’t a friend, colleague or a love interest. He is just someone who travels with me every day in the same cab while coming back home. I know his name… … Continue reading To a Total Stranger…

First Time I saw him…

Have you ever been in love? Most of us who are happily in love at this moment, would answer the question as yes, however, all those who have had heartbreak would yell No for an answer. If you ask me the most dreaded question by all the Singles, I would gladly say yes! I have … Continue reading First Time I saw him…

Year Ending Diary: 2014 Super-Small Bucket List

The coming year 2014, I have a very small bucket list, literally. It is one of those beach toy buckets, you know? 5 things I am planning to put in my 2014 Bucket List: Read at least 12 books in the whole year: I have lately kept reading and writing in the back burner which … Continue reading Year Ending Diary: 2014 Super-Small Bucket List

I am Sexy and I Know it!

  “Anything under size five isn't a woman. It's a boy with breasts.” ― Laurell K. Hamilton, Obsidian Butterfly   You talk behind my back and I take that as a compliment. And trust me I really do. Though at times I am hurt but again I laugh it out and then think, “Baby, it … Continue reading I am Sexy and I Know it!

Lust List: The Owl Obsession

Have you ever tried watching a movie and writing a blog together? Well maybe that’s the reason my blogs don’t have so much of traffic but that’s how I work. So today while writing this Lust List I am watching one of my all time favorites ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’. Yesterday I found a nice quirky … Continue reading Lust List: The Owl Obsession

If I was a Rich Girl

Haven’t this thought crossed your mind couple of times. This crosses my mind almost every day. Who doesn’t want to be rich? We all work our as*@s off to earn the dime, right? How many times have you kept a thing because you can’t get it? How many times have you felt ‘I wish I … Continue reading If I was a Rich Girl

Being Sizeist…

India, a land where beauty isn’t outside but inside…? Well gone are those days where Dads married Moms just because they had a good heart not because they had a good body! India is a land where you will find 50% of the human beings who wear L, XL or XXL clothes but 50% of … Continue reading Being Sizeist…

Lust List: Glitter

Call it the Pinterest obsession – that  has made me crazy and make me fall in love with all the food they have on their site and also all the other things like dresses, shoes, bags etc… It’s the best place to plan your wedding outfits, wedding designs, home interiors, jewelry,  footwear, work outfits, casual … Continue reading Lust List: Glitter

Lust List: Home Décor

Who wouldn’t want a walk-in-closet like that of Carrie from Sex and The City? I am not much of a fashionable person. If I am at work you will either see me in chudidaar, Kurta and Dupatta or just the leggings and a Kurta. Of course Fridays at work is a casual day so you … Continue reading Lust List: Home Décor

Women: It’s your Fault

      Writing something sarcastic isn’t something people expect from a blogger. Or do they? Well, I have 70% sarcasm filled in me, 15% alcohol, 5% water and 10% blood! Okay not literally but these are just figures. So how have the weekend been so far? Mine was pretty much a good Saturday – … Continue reading Women: It’s your Fault

The Lust List: Shades of Gray

  Browsing through Pinterest always makes me lust after a few unaffordable things. These are something’s that caught my eyes this time. There are people like my ma who thinks Gray is not a color. On the other hand I am so obsessed with gray that I would love to have a gray and lavender … Continue reading The Lust List: Shades of Gray