New Life Update

30 days of everyday writing experience is always a feel good factor. Now that April is over, my lazy blogger trait will sneak in and force me to rest a little longer than usual because there is no deadline. Anyway, hello all! It’s been too long since I posted a life update post. By now... Continue Reading →


Second Life…

She tried to stop crying. She tried to get over the past. She tried to smile. She tried everything that people asked her to try to get off ‘The Depression’. She would’ve felt at ease, if people understood her, she thought. People thought she is sad and her mood swings were nothing but a monthly... Continue Reading →

The Most Dangerous Type of Player

All my life I tried to stay away from the players. I have been a strong believer that men cheat, and not trying to be sexist here, but experience, history and stories have always proved me right. I decided to write something on the type of player who are difficult to be identified. We all... Continue Reading →

Mission Accomplished

Congratulations! Kudos to Me! At the start of this year, I promised myself that I will write 2 posts every week and strangely I have accomplished that. Here’s in a nutshell what I did in the past 3 months. 1. Topics/Ideas: Writing is easy when the flow of idea is frequent. However, thinking of 2... Continue Reading →

20 Shades of Chaotic Soul

How funny is it to write down things about you or an entity of yours. Chaotic Soul has been mine for over 3 years now and it is the best thing that has happened to me.  Several people have come and gone, but Chaotic Soul has always been with me. At times, people ask me... Continue Reading →

5 Things That Turns Off Women

I am sure a lot of boys read my posts. So, this is me doing the boys some solid ((Wink)). We (women) love you guys, but there are a few things that are turn offs. Here are the 5 things that men do that totally turn women off. Interested to know...? 5 Things That Turns... Continue Reading →

Love and Other Drugs

Is love what makes us or breaks us? When did you first fall in love? Was your first love a successful love story or an incomplete one? Did you lose something really important in the process of loving someone with all your heart? Is love a priority? Do you love yourself as much as you... Continue Reading →

You are in your own awesome sauce company; celebrate it with a glass of wine or a bottle of beer.

Year Ending post 4: Blogging Goals, 2016

Blogging is a lot of fun, but believe me it takes a lot of effort and dedication.

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