Hi, This one's kinda too small! i think i am suffering from Writer's Block AGAIN...!Readers please mail me on and let me know what do you'll want the next post to be...! I will select any random mail and write on it.Writers Block! Help!!! :PKeep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Clicking! 


Writer’s Block: Not Again!!!

Big big big confusion!!! The confusion that frustrates me is: “What to write?” I haven’t written anything for over 14 days now… which is technically 2 whole weeks!!! Well I really don’t know what to write!!! M getting a writer’s block again… I remember once a friend of mine told me that whenever we get … Continue reading Writer’s Block: Not Again!!!

Crumpled Papers: do they mean something, anything or NOTHING?

Crumpled paper or rather I must say crumpled papers tells lots of stories… when I say this, it doesn’t mean that there would be many FLOP stories in these crumpled papers, but these crumpled papers may mean a lot for some and nothing for some… there was a time when I used to get up … Continue reading Crumpled Papers: do they mean something, anything or NOTHING?

BLANK PAGE: A Writer’s Nightmare…

  Different people have different fear… a doctor has a fear of life of the patient, lawyer has a fear of losing a case, thief has a fear of getting caught, cops have the fear of not catching a thief, journalist have a fear of reaching late to the news area, call centre employee have … Continue reading BLANK PAGE: A Writer’s Nightmare…

Writer’s block

Lately got the feeling of writer’s block… it is actually after the ring finger punishment I have got… the speed of my typing has gone all low and the pain is taking over so much that none of my ideas of writing is working…   I am in such a bad writer’s block situation that … Continue reading Writer’s block